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Tribal Leaders

American Indians and Alaska Natives face the possibility of man-made and natural disasters and even terrorist threats. Your strong leadership is needed to create comprehensive emergency management systems and to promote the importance of community readiness. Both steps are essential to protect the people, natural resources and facilities of your tribe, pueblo or village.

Is Your Tribe Ready?

These questions may provide a useful starting point to help guide and direct your community's emergency and disaster planning efforts.

Six Questions for Tribal Leaders

  1. What is the status of your tribe, pueblo or village's emergency management system?
  2. Which tribal leaders and staff members have taken FEMA training courses? Is additional training needed?
  3. What steps are being taken to educate families and businesses about the need to prepare for emergencies?
  4. Are coordination agreements with state and regional authorities in place and up to date? Does the tribe need an emergency mitigation plan or a FEMA-tribal agreement?
  5. Do tribal leaders regularly discuss emergency preparedness issues?
  6. What is your community's preparedness outreach strategy?

FEMA Offers Many Resources to Help

There is a FEMA Tribal Liaison for Alaska and for each region of Indian Country. A Tribal Liaison will be part of the response team if a federally declared disaster affects your tribe or village. Your Tribal Liaison is a great resource for information and technical assistance, including information about FEMA programs and funding opportunities to support disaster mitigation and emergency planning. Tribal Liaisons can be reached through FEMA's Intergovernmental Affairs Office. Contact us for specific information.

FEMA offers brochures, posters, and radio public service announcements to assist your efforts to help your members prepare for emergencies. These materials are free for anyone to use. Use the map on this page to navigate to the materials for your region.

FEMA also offers training courses for tribal representatives, including elected leaders, tribal emergency planners, first responders, school administrators and others who play a role in emergency management response.

On FEMA's website, you can access news updates affecting tribal governments, read FEMA's Tribal Policy and obtain information about government grants and assistance programs.

You will find additional disaster planning information for tribal, village and pueblo leaders in this brochure, which you may wish to share with others in your community.

Last updated: 02/27/2014 - 10:01 AM