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Terms and Conditions for Citizen Corps Affiliation

Through the FEMA Community Preparedness Division, FEMA partners with national non-profits and federal departments which offer communities resources for public education, outreach, and training; represent volunteers interested in helping to make their community safer; or offer volunteer service opportunities to support first responders, disaster relief activities, and community safety efforts. Currently there are 27 National Citizen Corps Affiliates. To be considered for official affiliation with Citizen Corps, programs and organizations must:

  • Meet with headquarters FEMA Community Preparedness Division personnel to discuss potential partnership details and opportunities with Citizen Corps,
  • support the mission of citizen participation in making America safer,
  • be non-profit or government sponsored and demonstrate a nationwide scope,
  • be non-partisan, and
  • not be listed on any Federal or State registers of financial non-responsibility.

Based on initial meetings and discussions, each potential National Citizen Corps Affiliate must provide a complete Affiliation package to FEMA's Community Preparedness Division. Upon receipt of the Affiliation package, the information will go through a FEMA-wide approval process, including review by FEMA's Office of General Counsel and FEMA Policy.

Once approved, representatives from Citizen Corps and the program or organization will sign a "Statement of Affiliation," which will include an agreement to:

  • Recognize the common purpose and mission between Citizen Corps and the approved organization;
  • Publicly acknowledge the affiliation, which may include website links, co-logos on publications, and references in printed materials;
  • Coordinate activities to ensure efficient use of the organization's resources for Citizen Corps; and
  • Keep FEMA informed of activities conducted in support of Citizen Corps and provide an annual report summarizing those activities.

Please note that Affiliation with Citizen Corps at the National level does not constitute endorsement of any specific program or organization by FEMA or the Federal government, nor will an affiliate's membership or employees be deemed agents of or assigned to FEMA or the Federal government. In addition, affiliate status does not confer or encompass financial support of or obligations from Citizen Corps, FEMA, or the Federal government to affiliates programs or organizations.