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Program Administration

Program Coordinator

The program coordinator is accountable to management for achieving program objectives. Effective program administration is necessary to coordinate activities, review the program and initiate action to improve the program. The program coordinator is responsible for ensuring that the following are addressed in the program:

Program Scope

The scope of the program is determined by multiple factors including type of business, complexity of business operations and information gathered from the risk assessment and business impact analysis. Regulations determine minimum requirements for the program. A business with complex business processes and significant exposure to possible injuries, loss of life, environmental pollution and business disruption would require much more planning than a business with one facility and one product line or service.


A program budget should be established to create the preparedness plan, provide funds to conduct exercises and tests and conduct periodic reviews and make improvements to the plan as necessary. Funding for preparedness planning improvements and maintenance should be part of the annual budget process.

Program Development Schedule

Make a program development schedule that includes major tasks, assignments and due dates. Organize the program into manageable phases prioritized to achieve goals and objectives. Identify milestones to mark completion of phases of the program. The program coordinator should use the schedule to track the completion of activities and tasks and to identify any slippage in the schedule.

Finance and Administrative Procedures

In addition to a budget, procedures should be established for procuring resources before, during and following an incident. A quick process to authorize funds to procure resources will reduce delays. Procedures that account for labor, materials and other costs associated with a hazard should be established before an incident. Risk management or insurance procedures for notification of insurance agents, brokers or underwriters should be included. Procedures for filing property damage, workers’ compensation and liability claims should be referenced in the plan.

Program Reviews

As the program is developed, keep in mind the need for periodic reviews. Use the performance objectives to evaluate whether goals and objectives are being achieved. Identify personnel who can assist with reviews and develop checklists and procedures to conduct periodic reviews.

Records Management

Copies of all editions of plan documents should be kept in accordance with the organization’s records management program. Records of committee meetings, training, exercises, evaluations and corrective action should be maintained. Research recordkeeping requirements within applicable regulations to identify additional records to be maintained. This may include records of inspections, testing and maintenance of fire protection, life safety, communications and other systems and equipment.

Last Updated: 06/02/2021

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