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How to Start a CERT program

I am interested in starting a CERT program. What should I do?

CERT programs serve in more than 3,400 communities nationwide.  CERT programs are formed by members of a neighborhood or workplace who want to be better prepared for the hazards threatening their communities and are typically sponsored, affiliated or created in partnership with a local fire department, law enforcement agency, or emergency management agency. To get started, we recommend you first talk with one of those local officials. 
You may also reach out to your State CERT Coordinator for additional assistance and/or advice. 
To learn more about the following seven recommended steps for starting a CERT program, please visit the CERT website:
  1. Assessing Needs
  2. Identifying Resources
  3. Gaining Support and Recruiting
  4. Acquiring Training Materials
  5. Tailoring Training
  6. Establishing a Training Cadre
  7. Delivering Training

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