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The New CERT Train-the-Trainer Course

I am a CERT Instructor and I completed the Train-the-Trainer curriculum a while ago. Do I have to complete the new course? 

We recommend you take the latest CERT Train-the-Trainer course, and also consider the CERT Program Manager course. These courses are the national standard in training for CERT instructors and program managers/coordinators.  
FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute (EMI) delivers both of these courses:
  1. E428: CERT Train-the-Trainer
  2. E427: CERT Program Manager.  
Your state may also deliver these courses.  Please check with your state point-of-contact to find out about local training delivery dates.  For information about deliveries at EMI, view the EMI Course Schedule, course vacancies, and other details at EMI website.

Additionally, we encourage you to check your state’s policy on CERT instructor qualifications. Please reach out to your state CERT Program point-of-contact who will be able to share the state requirements for CERT instructors

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