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Department's Fire Grants Application

Send letter explaining why you need this information, and if you also need to change the Primary Contact information. Please be aware changing the Primary Contact on one grant will cause the Primary Contact to be changed on all other department grants submitted under the same user ID. The letter must be on fire department letterhead and signed by the Fire Chief of the department. To expedite this change you can fax copy of the letter to Annette Robinson at 1-866-274-0942. After faxing the letter to Annette Robinson, please mail the original letter to: DHS/FEMA/Grant Programs Directorate Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program Annette Robinson Room 5026 Tech World Bldg South Tower 5th Floor 500 Street, SW Washington, DC 20472 The following information must be included in the letter: Grant number Previous primary contact person's name Explanation of why access to the grant is needed New contact person's name New contact person's mother's maiden name New contact person's date of birth New contact person's e-mail address Two phone numbers for the new contact person A mailed letter may take two weeks to process. However, soon after faxing the letter to Annette Robinson, you will receive an e-mail from Pinky Sheets telling you she has updated the system and placed your name on the grant as the main contact person. You will also receive an automated e-mail from EOPS@dhs .govwith your user ID and temporary password. If you do not receive this automated e-mail from EOPS@dhs.gov  within two days of faxing your request and receiving the e-mail from Ms. Sheets, you should look in your junk mail file. The electronic e-mails are sometimes filtered and sent directly to junk mail. If you are still unable to get new user ID and password, go onto the Web site and choose e-grant application You will get an application sign-in screen. Click on forgot password, answer the two security questions and submit your request. The screen should indicate that you successfully submitted your request and temporary password is being e-mailed to you. Go into your e-mail and retrieve the user ID and temporary password. Again, if the message is not there, look in the junk mail file. If it is not in your junk mail file then your e-mail address is not compatible with the DHS system. You will have to set up new e-mail account. You may want to use the free e-mail accounts such as Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. When you click on submit and get an error message indicating you gave incorrect information, you need to call Annette Robinson (202) 786-9626. Please note: This information can only be changed by authorized personnel.

Last Updated: 08/28/2019

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