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Youth Preparedness Council

Application Requirements

The Youth Preparedness Council application is open from January 27, 2020 through March 8, 2020! Students in eighth through eleventh grade are eligible to apply. To apply, go to our application website or download a copy of the application form.

To be considered as an applicant for the national Youth Preparedness Council, you should complete all sections of the application. These sections include the following:

  1. A complete application form (including narrative responses to all application questions)
  2. Letters of recommendation
  3. Academic records (including transcripts from last year and this year)
  4. A list of extracurricular activities
  5. Any supplemental materials you wish to add to showcase your capabilities

For more information about how to apply to FEMA’s national Youth Preparedness Council, check out our application instructions and the Frequently Asked Questions.

Youth Preparedness Council

FEMA created the Youth Preparedness Council (YPC) in 2012 to bring together young leaders who are interested in supporting disaster preparedness and making a difference in their communities by completing disaster preparedness projects nationally and locally. The YPC supports FEMA’s commitment to involve America’s youth in preparedness-related activities. Additionally, it provides FEMA the opportunity to engage young people and share their perspectives, feedback, and opinions.


YPC members meet with FEMA staff throughout their term to provide input on strategies, initiatives, and projects. YPC members also attend the annual YPC Summit in Washington, DC, meet regularly with FEMA representatives, and complete several emergency preparedness projects.

This year, YPC members are working on projects for financial preparedness, citizen responder programs, and youth preparedness education. Meet the council and learn more about each of the members here.

Youth Preparedness Council Resources

Find everything you need to learn about and apply for the Youth Preparedness Council.

Last Updated: 01/24/2020