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Identify Local Partners

Woman at a community organizationPrepare Yourself and Identify Local Resources

Check out the organizations already doing good work.  Many existing service groups have identified community needs and have built the expertise to provide solutions and there may already be an active volunteer group that you could join.  A few phone calls or scanning a few websites can identify local groups and volunteer opportunities. 

Sample Phone Script

Hi, my name is ________ and I’m interested in supporting the great work your organization is doing. Some friends and I would like to volunteer to support community safety / disaster preparedness. May I speak with your volunteer coordinator?

  • What kind of volunteer opportunities do you have for local residents?
  • If I organize a group of my friends to volunteer with me, how many volunteers can you take?
  • Can you help us sponsor an event that promotes preparedness, a forum that encourages people to discuss disaster preparedness and response and to exchange information, or help us organize a drill or exercise?
  • Would you be able to send a representative to our event?
  • How can I volunteer to help make sure others in the community are prepared too? We are particularly interested in helping those who have unique needs, such as the frail, elderly, individuals with access and functional needs, those who do not speak English, children, and pets.

Remember to keep track of who you have contacted so you can follow up as necessary. You can use the chart below or create one that fits your project.

Group NameContact NameContact NumberVolunteer Activities# of Vols Needed