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level 3: cold/Backout
Raina is trying to keep warm during a freezing February in Iowa. Can you help her dig out of the snow? Type in the password to play.
enter password here
Raina is looking out the window. Outside, it is a very cold, gray day. She is texting Ray, Sonny and Gayle.
A blizzard is coming to Iowa. Brrrr!
RAINA TEXT: ur so lucky to live someplace warm.
On the left, Gayle is texting with Ray. On the right, Raina and Sonny are texting.
GAYLE TEXT: Sending sunshine!
RAY TEXT: Speaking of sun … Misti's off to Hawaii next month!
RAINA TEXT: Cool! They need a break.
GAYLE TEXT: So awful about the fire.
RAINA TEXT: Gotta go prep for a blizzard. TTYL!
Raina is outside, holding a plastic bucket and sprinkling sand onto the sidewalk and front steps. Raina's dog is next to her, running around on the grass.
Sprinkling sand on the sidewalk
Power surge
Why is Raina sprinkling sand on the sidewalk?
On the left, Raina's father is calling to her from the porch steps. On the right, a close up of Raina holding and talking to her dog.
FATHER: Thanks, Raina!
That will help keep the sidewalks from becoming a sheet of ice!
RAINA: Come on, you! It's too cold to stay outside.
On the left, Raina and her father are inside reading and looking out the window at the snow. On the right, a close up of Raina's dad.
The snow is coming down hard.
FATHER: It really is pretty.
RAINA: I can't wait to play in it!
FATHER: We'll have fun shoveling out.
On the left, Raina is in her pajamas, looking out the window. Outside, there is snow everywhere, several feet high. On the right, Raina's father knocks on her door.
The next morning...
FATHER: Get dressed. I need your help out there!
Power surge
What should Raina wear?
Raina is standing by the front door with her father. She is dressed in a coat, snow pants, and boots. Her father hands her a hat while she is putting on mittens.
FATHER: Don't worry about messing up your hair.
This will keep you from losing body heat.
RAINA: And mittens will keep me warmer than gloves.
Raina and her father are shoveling the sidewalk.
RAINA: My cheeks are frozen ...
even the inside of my body is cold!
Power surge
What can Raina do to protect her lungs from the cold air?
A close up of Raina wrapping her scarf around her mouth.
RAINA: This is better!
Raina and her father are looking at the cleared sidewalks and the snow drifts on the side of the road.
FATHER: How about we go in and warm up?
On the left, Raina and her father are inside the house, taking off their coats and snow boots. They look wet under their gear. On the right, a close up of Raina's father speaking to her.
After two hours of hard work ...
RAINA: Who would have thought I'd get all sweaty in a blizzard? I need dry clothes.
FATHER: If your fingers, toes, ears or nose look pale white, or you can't feel them, you have to tell me immediately.
Power surge
Raina is talking to her father and wiggling her fingers. They are laughing and smiling.
RAINA: We learned about frostbite at school. It's really dangerous.
FATHER: Pretty soon you're going to know more than me.
RAINA: I know I want hot chocolate!
MISTI: Congratulations! You survived a blizzard. What will the Heroes escape as they try to get away from the cold? Go to the next level and type SEISMIC to start the game. Or write it down to play later.