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level 4: home fire
Holiday lights are twinkling in Connecticut and Misti is getting into the spirit of the season … until disaster strikes. Can you help her? Type in the password to play.
enter password here
VISUAL: Misti is in her bedroom. She is holding a framed picture of her, Sonny, Raina, Ray, and Gayle. Four wrapped gifts can be seen.
CAPTION: ‘Tis the season in Connecticut!
MISTI: Sonny, Raina, Gayle and Ray are going to love this!
VISUAL: On the left, Misti is in her room. Her mother calls for her from the door. On the right, Misti's father stands in front of their Christmas tree and looks at his watch while the mother stands in the hallway and her brother waits by her father.
MOM: Come on, Misti! We don't want to be late!
MISTI: Coming!
VISUAL: Misti and her family are walking towards the front door of their neighbor's house. An electric menorah is seen through the front window and their neighbor greets them at the front door.
MISTI AND FAMILY: Happy Hanukah!
NEIGHBOR: And merry Christmas to you!
VISUAL: On the left, Misti and her neighbor look at the lit menorah candles. On the right, a close up of neighbor speaking.
MISTI: So many candles! I hope you have smoke alarms.
NEIGHBOR: Yes, on every level.
But don't worry. Someone's always watching the candles.
VISUAL: Misti and her family are in their kitchen. There are dirty dishes in the sink. A decorated, lit-up Christmas tree can be seen in background.
CAPTION: Two hours later ... back home
BROTHER: That was fun!
VISUAL: Misti's family is walking down the hallway to bedrooms. There is a lit Christmas tree and dishes are in the sink in the background.
MOM: Sure was. But now it's bedtime.
Power surge
CAPTION: Uh oh! What mistake did Misti's family make?
VISUAL: Misti's parents are in their bedroom. Misti's father is asleep. Misti's mother sits up in bed. The clock says 2:00.
CAPTION: Almost midnight...
MOM: Did we shut off the tree lights before bed?
DAD: Hrmph ... yeah ... sleep ... zzzz...
VISUAL: On the left, a close up of the smoke alarm on the ceiling. It is flaring red, beeping, and smoke is curling around. On the top right, Misti sits up in bed. On the bottom right, Misti's brother calls out to her.
CAPTION: An alarm pierces the quiet night!
MISTI: Mom! Dad!
Power surge
CAPTION: What should she do?
Play Again
Game over!
If you see or smell smoke, or a smoke alarm is sounding, get low and get out as fast as you can! Play again?
VISUAL: Misti is crawling along the floor to the door of her bedroom. Smoke is above her. She reaches for the door.
MISTI: I need to get out of here fast!
Power surge
CAPTION: What should Misti do?
Play Again
Game over!
Always feel the door and doorknob. If either is hot, leave door shut and use your second way out. If smoke is blocking or coming around the door, use the second way out. Play again?
VISUAL: Misti is feeling the door with her hand. There is smoke coming from underneath the door.
MISTI: The door is hot
and there's smoke in the hall!
I better use the other way out!
VISUAL: Misti is covering her mouth with her pajama top. She is feeling her way to the window and pushes the window open.
CAPTION: Feeling her way through the dark...
VISUAL: On the left, a shot of Misti's house with flames from the living room. On the right, Misti is outside, dropping to the ground from her window.
VISUAL: Misti is outside screaming towards the house. There are fire engines speeding up the nearby street.
MISTI: Mom! Dad! Mateo!
Power surge
CAPTION: What should Misti do now?
Play Again
Game over!
Never go back inside a burning house to try to save a pet, family member, or cherished object. Never try to fight a fire. You could be hurt or killed. Instead, go to your family's meeting spot and wait for everyone to arrive. Play again?
VISUAL: Misit is waiting with neighbors across the street, looking at her burning house. She is wrapped in a blanket.
MISTI: Where are they?!
VISUAL: On the left, Misti's Mom, Dad, and brother are running across the street. On the right, they embrace.
MOM: Misti!
Thank goodness!
MISTI: I came to the meeting spot like we practiced.
VISUAL: On the left, firefighters are spraying water on the house which and there is a lot of smoke. On the right, Misti and her family are listening to the firefighter who is speaking to them. They are wrapped in blankets.
CAPTION: One hour later ...
FIREFIGHTER: It was the Christmas tree. They need to be watered often. If not, they get dry and can catch fire easily.
VISUAL: The firefighter is talking to Misti and her family.
FIREFIGHTER: The important thing is that you all made it out okay.
MISTI: We've practiced what to do ... just in case.
VISUAL: Misti and her family are looking at their house. The house is no longer on fire but smoke is coming off of it and filling the sky.
MOM: We're so lucky.
SONNY: Congratulations! You survived a home fire. CAPTION: Will things cool down? Write this down: SLEET. You'll need it to unlock the next level.