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level 3: Hurricane/Backout
It's hurricane season in Louisiana. What's in store for Sonny? Help him and his family through this disaster. Type in the password to play.
enter password here
Sonny is sitting outside of his house with his cell phone in hand. He is texting his friends.
Something's brewing in Louisiana!
TEXT: Guess what?! There's a hurricane warning!
On the top left, a close up of Raina sending a text. On the bottom left, Gayle is reading her text messages. On the right, Sonny is texting his friends back. His parents stand in the background.
RAINA'S TEXT: Yikes! Hope it's nothing like our tornado.
GAYLE'S TEXT: Be safe, Sonny!
SONNY'S TEXT: Thx! Gotta go. Lots to do.
Sonny and his parents are outside. Sonny's dad is opening the garage.
MOM: We need your help. Put the patio furniture in the garage.
Power surge
Why do they need to move the patio furniture?
Sonny is carrying lawn tables and chairs into the garage. His dad is holding the plotted plants, bringing them into the garage as well.
SONNY'S DAD: Those potted plants will go flying in high winds, too.
Sonny's mom is getting in the car, talking to Sonny and his dad.
I'll be back. Getting gas and cash.
Sonny and his Dad are talking near the driveway.
SONNY: Are we going somewhere?
DAD: No. But there's a good chance we'll lose power.
If that happens, we won't be able to get those things after the storm.
Sonny is running into the house as his dad yells after him.
SONNY: No power? Then we'll need flashlights!
DAD: We've got our emergency kit all ready.
Power surge
What should be in their emergency kit?
On the left, Sonny and his Dad are looking at the emergency kit. A flashlight, batteries, hand-cranked radio, extra clothes, cans of food, peanut butter, crackers, can opener, and bottled water can be seen. On the right, a close up of Sonny talking to his dad.
SONNY: If there's no electricity, there will be no TV or computer.
SONNY: Can I add cards or a puzzle?
DAD: Great idea. How about a book, too?
Sonny's mom is talking to Sonny and his dad in the kitchen. She is holding a box of plastic baggies.
MOM: I'm back!
Don't forget to fill plastic bags with water.
Power surge
A close up of Sonny's mom, placing plastic bags in the freezer.
MOM: They'll freeze overnight and help keep stuff cold if the power goes out.
Sonny and Ray are skyping on their tablets.
RAY: I saw the news! Looks like a big one.
SONNY: Yeah. They cancelled school tomorrow.
Sonny, his mom, and dad are sitting on a sofa, watching the weather. The TV screen can be seen with a meteorologist reporting and a satellite image of a big storm working its way up the gulf.
METEOROLOGIST: Winds are picking up speed and it's expected to make landfall by morning.
Please take this seriously, folks.
Sonny and his parents are looking out the window. Outside, it is dark, windy, and rainy.
CAPTION: The next morning ...
SONNY: It looks scary out!
MOM: It'll get worse.
Sonny is standing by the fridge, about to open it but his mom stops him.
Woaling to the fridge
MOM: Don't open it!!
Power surge
Why can't Sonny open the fridge?
Sonny and his parents are talking in the kitchen.
MOM: It needs to stay cold in case we lose power.
DAD: The food will keep for up to a day or two if we don't open the fridge.
On the left, Sonny is sitting in the kitchen, texting his friends. On the right, Sonny is looking out his backdoor. There are fallen trees and branches flying.
CAPTION: The winds are getting stronger ...
TEXT: It's creepy here!
CAPTION: CRASH!! SONNY: Did you see that branch fly?
Power surge
What should Sonny do?
Play Again
Game over!
Flying branches could break the window and you’ll get hurt. Go in a room with no windows or under sturdy furniture.
Sonny and his parents are sitting under the dining room table.
SONNY: It's cool to watch, but not safe to be near windows.
Sonny and his parents are now sitting on step stools in the pantry.
SONNY: It's cool to watch, but not safe to be near windows.
On the left, a view of the backyard with trees down and debris and leaves scattered.  On the right, Sonny and his dad are talking in the kitchen, looking out into the backyard.
CAPTION: The storm has died down.
Dad: Looks like a lot of damage.
Power surge
Should they go outside to check it out?
Play Again
Game over!
This is a brief pause known as the eye of the storm. It will start back up.
A close up of Sonny watching the satellite view of the storm. There is an arrow pointing to the eye of the storm on the satellite view.
SONNY: It's the eye of the storm.
It'll start up again.
The eye
Sonny and his parents are sitting under the dining room table. They are playing a card game.
CAPTION: 20 minutes later ...
MOM: I can't believe we still have power!
Sonny and his parents are still sitting under the dining room table, but it is now dark.
CAPTION: zzzzzzip! Blackout!
DAD: You spoke too soon.
On the left, a close up of the neighborhood. It is dark and power lines are down. On the right, Sonny's dad is speaking.
SONNY: When will it come back on?
DAD: Could be days, maybe longer.
A shot of Ray, Raina, Gayle and Misti. Ray is on his cell phone, talking to Gayle. A satellite view of the storm on the TV can be seen in the background. Raina is holding her cell phone. Misti is watching the weather on the TV.
CAPTION: Meanwhile, around the country ...
GAYLE: None of us can get in touch with him! It looks so bad on TV.
Sonny is near the front door, about to go outside. His mom stops him.
CAPTION: Three hours later- the hurricane finally passed.
MOM: Stay inside.
Power surge
Why can't he go out?
Sonny and his mom are talking in the dark.
MOM: It's a mess. There are live electric wires dangling, broken glass.
On the left, Sonny is laying on the couch, trying to call his friends. On the right, a close up of Misti's texts.
SONNY: I can't get through to my friends. And the internet's not working.
TEXT FROM MISTI: You okay? We can't reach you.
SONNY TEXT: Blackout. Only texts work.
On the right, a close up of Sonny's mom digging through the emergency kit. Sonny is holding a flashlight in the background so she can see. On the right, Sonny is at the sink, turning on the faucet. His dad stops him.
Darkness is falling...
MOM: Peanut butter and crackers for dinner!
And canned peaches.
DAD: Don't drink tap water.
Power surge
Why can't he drink from the faucet?
On the left, Sonny's dad is pulling bottled water out of the emergency kit. On the right, a close up of Sonny and his dad speaking, holding the bottled water.
DAD: If the water treatment plant lost power, tap water isn't safe to drink.
SONNY: I guess I'll brush my teeth with this, too.
Power surge
How will Sonny see in the dark?
Sonny and his parents are in the hallway, holding flashlights.
MOM: Flashlights only! Candles are a fire hazard.
DAD: Might as well go to bed early. Not much else to do!
The holidays are coming up. Will it be joyous for everyone? Go to the next level and type ALARM to start the game. Or write it down to play later. RAY: Congratulations! You survived a hurricane and blackout.