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Level 2: Tornado.
The new school year has begun in Iowa. Raina and her friends are outside during gym and she notices something strange. Can you help them stay safe? Type in the password to play.
enter password here
Raina and friends are running on the track. The gym teacher is watching from the sidelines. School buildings are seen in the background and the sun is shining.
Back to school in Iowa!
GYM TEACHER: Enjoy the sunshine! In a few months, we won't have gym outside.
A close-up of Raina with friends. They are talking and jogging around track.
FRIEND: Raina, tell us about your wilderness retreat!
RAINA: I had a blast
and made great friends...
It's a shame we had to leave early because of wildfires.
Raina and friends have stopped running. They are looking at the sky which is now very dark.
FRIEND 1: Whoa!
FRIEND 2: So much for sunshine!
Raina and friends are standing outside. They look worried at the hail that is starting to fall.
RAINA: Hail? I'm not liking this.
Power surge
What is Raina worried about?
On the left, kids are stopped, looking up at the dark sky. A very low lying cloud can be seen. On the right, Raina and friend are discussing the cloud.
RAINA: Looks like a tornado.
FRIEND: But there's no funnel cloud.
A shot of Raina and friends from above as they listen to the sky.
Suddenly, a loud sound!
RAINA: It is a tornado!
Power surge
What does Raina hear that makes her think it's a tornado?
Raina and friends are running into the school. Raina warns everyone.
FRIEND: It sounds like a train's coming!
RAINA: Tornado! Run!
The gym teacher is directing the kids as they run into the school building.
Power surge
Where should they go?
Play Again
Game over!
Always go to the lowest level of a building, away from the windows, doors, and outside walls.
Play Again
Game over!
Always get inside immediately during a tornado and go to the lowest level of a building, away from the windows, doors, and outside walls.
Raina and friends are running downstairs.
RAINA: Best place to be is the basement. Hurry!
On the left, students are standing in the hallway of the basement of the school. On the right, a student is standing on a desk and looking out the window.
STUDENT: Come here! Looks awesome out!
Power surge
What should they do?
Play Again
Game over!
Stay away from windows. They could break and hurt you.
Raina and friend are waiting in the hallway, talking to the student by the window.
RAINA: No. The windows could break! Come out here.
Students and teachers can be seen in a hallway. They are coming out from the classrooms and stairs. The crowd listens to the voice over the loudspeaker.
Everyone go to the bottom floor now!
Some students are pointing to the open door of the empty, indoor gym.
STUDENT: Let's go in the gym. There's lots of space.
Power surge
Should they go into the gym?
Play Again
Game over!
Stay out of wide, open rooms. The roof has a greater chance of falling on you.
Raina and other students with teachers can be seen crouching in the basement hallway with their hands over their heads.
RAINA: We're safer in smaller rooms.
A large roof could crash down.
Outside shot of the front of the school. The sky is very dark and there is a funnel cloud in background. Debris and garbage cans are flying in the air. Bushes are uprooting.
Meanwhile, outside...
On the left, Raina and friend are talking, still crouched against the wall with their hands over their heads. On the right, the principal is speaking into the megaphone to the students.
Crash! Bang! Smash!
FRIEND: Scary!
RAINA: Sounds like the whole school's caving in!
PRINCIPAL: Stay low and cover your heads!
Shot of the outside of the school. On the left, a tree is on top of a car with leaves and debris scattered. On the right, part of the roof is missing from the top of the school but can be seen in a nearby field.
The tornado has passed...
but left its mark.
On the left, students are standing in the basement hallway. On the right, students are beginning to file out of school with help from teachers.
We need to leave the building. Please watch for broken glass and sharp objects.
On the left, students are standing outside in the field away from the broken trees and wires. On the right, a close up of Raina and friend holding their cell phones.
Are their families okay?
FRIEND: I need to call my parents.
RAINA: All I get is a busy signal.
Power surge
What should they do?
On the left, a shot of Raina, friends, and students holding their phones in the field. On the right, a close up of a cell phone with text “I'm OK. On school field. You?”
RAINA: I'll send a text. It'll get through easier.
TEACHER: And not tie up phone lines for 911.
Students can be seen, holding their phones. They look concerned.
STUDENT: I can't reach my family
RAINA: It may be easier to contact someone out of state. Long distance signals often work better.
Students are listening to the principal talking on the megaphone in the field outside the school. There is damage to the school building in the background.
PRINCIPAL: We are all safe. Emergency workers are coming. Great job everyone!
Shot of Sonny, Gayle, and Ray.  You'll be blown away by what happens next. Go to the next level and type EYE to start the game. Or write it down to play later.