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Level 1: wildfire
Join the five Heroes as they meet at a summer wilderness retreat in Colorado! Can you help them stay safe as wildfires threaten their campground? Click "start" to play.
Raina, Sonny, Gayle, Misti, and Ray are in front of the campground lodge meeting other kids. A banner on the lodge reads: Welcome to the wilderness retreat. Trees and mountains can be seen in the background. A counselor is giving directions.
Summer break in Colorado
On the left, the counselor is speaking. In the center, the counselor is discussing the rules. On the right, Sonny and Raina are listening and smiling.
We have three rules: Make friends. Be safe. Have fun!
On the left, the counselor is in a field with Sonny, Raina, Ray, Misti, and Gayle. On the right, Ray and Misti are introducing themselves.
Let's introduce ourselves.
I'm Ray from California.
My name's Misti. I live in Connecticut.
On the left, Gayle and Raina meet. On the right, Sonny is introducing himself.
I'm Gayle and I'm from New Mexico.
Hi, I'm Raina. Iowa.
Hey y'all! My name is Sonny and I'm from Louisiana!
On the left, the five friends are walking to the lake, following the counselor. A dock and lake can be seen on the right.
For their first outdoor activity...
Who likes to swim?
Just remember the buddy system.
On the left, Ray is sitting on the dock talking to Raina and Gayle who are swimming in the water. Sonny and Misti are hanging out by the water. On the right, the female counselor is speaking to Ray.
I can't wait for the campfire tonight!
Mmmmm, smores!
Sorry, but there won't be a campfire.
The counselor is talking to the kids, pointing to distant trees and mountains.
Notice anything in the air? Smell anything?
Power surge
What might they see and smell that would prevent them from having a campfire?
On the left, Sonny is gazing into the distance. On the right, Raina, Gayle and the counselor are walking away from the lake.
Smells like a barbecue.
Yep. There are wildfires in the distance.
Are we safe? Yes. We're listening to emergency officials.
Gayle, Raina, Misti, and the female counselor are walking up the path to the cabin. Cabins, trees, and mountains can be seen in the background.
You can help!
There's something in every cabin that we need to check.
Poer surge
What needs to be checked every month?
On the left, a close up of a fire extinguisher and trash can next to the bunk beds. On the top right, a floor fan. On the bottom right, Gayle and Raina are looking at the smoke alarm on the ceiling. Gayle and Raina look to the smoke alarm on the ceiling. A fire extinguisher, bucket, and floor fan can be seen in the cabin.
We check our smoke alarms at home.
Power surge
How do you check it?
On the left, Misti is watching the counselor reach up to touch the smoke alarm. On the right, a close up of Misti covering her ears.
There's a button here that I press. It's going to be loud!
It's working!
On the left, the counselor is holding a spray can of smoke near the smoke alarm. On the right, Gayle, Misti, and Raina are covering their ears.
What is that?
Smoke in a can. We spray it near the unit.
Cover your ears again! We're not done yet!
The male counselor is holding a ball and stops the kids before playing. Pine needles, pinecones, twigs, and other debris are scattered on the ground.
Before we can play ball
we need to clean up all this debris.
Power surge
On the left, Ray and Gayle are raking leaves, pine needles, twigs, and debris on the ground. On the right, Gayle and Sonny are putting the leaves into a bag.
This could catch fire if the wildfires get close to our campground.
On the left, the counselor is pulling out kiddie pools and hoses from the shed with Misti. On the right, the counselor hands the hose to Misti.
Awesome! Water fun!
Sure! Have fun filling these pools and garbage cans!
Why do they need to fill large containers with water?
On the top left, Ray is kicking a ball to Misti and Sonny. On the bottom left, Raina is playing a guitar while Gayle is taking a picture. On the right, Sonny is pointing to the mountains. Smoke can be seen in the distant mountains.
Two days later...
Hey, ya'll see that? Looks like fire up in the mountains.
Raina is talking to Sonny.
We've got to tell someone. You may be the first to have spotted it!
On the left, the director and counselor are talking to Ray, Gayle, Misti, Sonny, and Raina in the dining hall. On the right, Sonny, Gayle, and Ray listen to the counselor.
Time to evacuate! You all have 20 minutes to grab your essentials and get on the bus.
On the left, Raina, Gayle, Misti, and a counselor are in the cabin, packing their bags. Clothes, bags, socks, and other items are scattered on the floor. On the right, Raina is packing her backpack with the counselor.
How am I going to pack everything in 10 minutes?
You're not!
Power surge
What should they quickly grab?
Misti and Gayle are packing. On the left, Misti is holding her toothbrush and inhaler. On the right, Gayle is holding her family photos.
Just take what you absolutely need right away.
Or things you can't easily replace.
Misti, Gayle, Raina, and the counselor are leaving the cabin. The counselor turns on the light before leaving.
Shouldn't we turn lights off when we leave?
Not in this case.
Why do they keep the lights on?
Gayle, Raina, Misti and the counselor are on the way to the bus. Each is carrying a small backpack. The lit cabins can be seen in the background along with trees and smoke in the distant mountains.
The lights will help firefighters see the buildings.
Ray and Sonny are getting on the bus.
RAY: It's been fun, but I'm glad to leave before the fire.
The five friends are talking and laughing on the bus as they leave the campground.
Heading to safer ground...
SONNY: Give me your cell numbers!
MISTI: Yeah, let's friend each other...
Congratulations! You survived a wildfire. Will the Heroes stay in touch? Or will they get caught up in the whirlwind of their lives? Go to the next level and type FUNNEL to start the game.