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National Preparedness Community (NPC)

Pledge to join the preparedness movement by registering for the National Preparedness Community. Connect and collaborate with other community members, and learn and share best practices with other youth preparedness members from around the country.

Community Preparedness Webinar Series

The Community Preparedness Webinar Series provides up-to-date information on community preparedness topics and resources available to citizens, community organizations, and Citizen Corps Councils. These webinars are free to the public and feature new community preparedness topics on a regular basis.

National Summit on Youth Preparedness: Summit Proceedings Report

This webinar (and aligned transcript) provides additional insight into launching, promoting, and sustaining your youth preparedness program.

Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools (REMS)

The mission of the technical assistance center at REMS is to support schools, school districts, and higher education institutions in their efforts to implement emergency management plans.