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Teach Others to Be Prepared

A man standing at a white board teaching a small class of adult students

Once you’ve prepared yourself and your family, become a leader in preparedness.

Teach others to be prepared and serve as an advocate for safety and emergency preparedness within your community.  Join the National Preparedness Coalition to get outreach resources, sample social media messages, and connect with other 'leaders in preparedness' around the county.

In your outreach, we also encourage you to use resources like FEMA’s Are You Ready? Guide. The guide also has a Facilitator component (available to order through the FEMA Distribution Warehouse) and will give you helpful tips while serving as a good supplemental guide for families, neighbors, colleagues, businesses, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, community organizations and other groups interested in preparing for emergencies.

Our partner organizations also offer instructional materials for trainers and educators:

  • FEMA-Sponsored Courses - Emergency Management Institute
  • CERT TrainingNational CERT Program
  • Stop.Think.Connect.™ - The Department of Homeland Security’s national cybersecurity awareness campaign Stop.Think.Connect. offers free resources for leading cybersecurity awareness activities and presentations for groups of all ages.
  • Crime Prevention Presentations - National Crime Prevention Council
  • Community Disaster Educator Certification - American Red Cross You can also lead by serving in an outreach and communications role.  Join our preparedness coalitions and look for local activities that are a part of these events:  National Preparedness Month, Resolve to be Ready, Minor League Baseball and more. 

Make your pledge to preparedness known by promoting your efforts and activities through local media and other promotional opportunities.  Being a leader means you are getting the word out – influence others to prepare by sharing your success as a community leader and providing opportunities for others to Get Involved.