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Program Reviews

Businesses should improve the effectiveness of their preparedness programs through review of policies, performance objectives, program implementation and changes resulting from preventive and corrective actions.

Triggers for Program Reviews

Reviews of the preparedness program should be conducted periodically and whenever the effectiveness of the program is questioned. The goal of program reviews is to provide assurance that the program meets the needs of the business and complies with regulations. Changes that should trigger a review of the program include the following:

  • Regulatory changes
  • New or changed processes
  • New hazards identified; vulnerability to hazards changes
  • Tests, drills or exercises identify weaknesses
  • Post incident critiques identify issues
  • Funding or budget level changes
  • New product or service launched or withdrawn
  • Company, division or business unit acquired, integrated or divested
  • Significant changes to critical suppliers or supply chain
  • Significant increase in the workforce population on-site
  • Significant changes to site, buildings or layouts
  • Changes to surrounding infrastructure

If any of these changes or triggers occurs, the program coordinator should initiate the appropriate program review.

Scope of Program Reviews

Program reviews should assess compliance with policies; determine whether performance objectives are being met; assess the adequacy of program implementation; and determine whether preventive and corrective actions have been taken on previously identified deficiencies.

The following should also be reviewed:

  • Plans and procedures have been reviewed and are up-to-date
  • Team rosters have been updated to ensure membership is current
  • Contact information for team members, public agency contacts, contractors, vendors and suppliers
  • Resources (e.g., systems, equipment, and supplies) are in place and properly maintained
Resources for Program Reviews

Last Updated: 10/14/2021

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