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Youth Preparedness Council

Youth Preparedness Council

FEMA created the Youth Preparedness Council (YPC) in 2012 to bring together young leaders who are interested in supporting disaster preparedness and making a difference in their communities, by completing disaster preparedness projects nationally and locally. The YPC supports FEMA’s commitment to involve America’s youth in preparedness-related activities. It also provides an avenue to engage young people by taking into account their perspectives, feedback, and opinions.

YPC members meet with FEMA staff throughout their term to provide input on strategies, initiatives, and projects. YPC members also attend the annual YPC Summit in Washington, DC, meet periodically with FEMA representatives, and work to complete a number of emergency preparedness projects.

2018 - 2019 Youth Preparedness Council

Photo of Camden Larsen
Camden Larsen
Region VIII
North Dakota

Camden Larsen, age 17
Grand Forks, North Dakota
Region VIII

Photo of Roberto Cardenas
Roberto Cardenas
Region IX

Roberto (RJ) Cárdenas, age 17
Murrieta, California
Region IX

Photo of Katerina Corr
Katerina Corr
Region II
New York
Katerina Corr,age 15
New York, New York
Region II

Katerina is a rising junior at Stuyvesant High School i

Photo of Hannah Schultz
Hannah Schultz
Region V

Hannah Schultz, age 16
Marine City, Michigan
Region V

Photo of Nicole Munoz Casalduc
Nicole Muñoz-Casalduc
Region X

Nicole is a senior at Sammamish High School in Bellevue, WA . She is originally from Puerto Rico but was displaced after Hurricane Maria. She has h

Photo of Nyla Howell
Nyla Howell
Region III

Nyla is a sophomore at Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Greenbelt, MD. She has a strong passion for the study of natural disasters and

Photo of Ruben Banks
Ruben Banks
Region IV

Ruben is a senior at Jim Hill High in Jackson, MS.

Photo of Marcos Rios
Marcos Rios
Region IV

Marcos is a junior and Executive Committee Chair at Marietta High School in Marietta, GA where he is an active volunteer in his community of Kennes

photo of Mackenzie Hinson
Mackenzie Hinson
Region IV
North Carolina

Mackenzie Hinson, age 13
Mount Olive, North Carolina
Region IV

Photo of Naomi Winston
Naomi Winston
Region VI

Naomi is a Thibodaux High Graduate and will be attending Xavier Universitythis fall majoring in Political Science as a first step in receiving her

photo of Mary Choudhury
Maryam Choudhury
Region I

Maryam Choudhury, age 14 Windsor, Connecticut Region I

Photo Savannah Huff
Savannah Huff
Region VII

Savannah is a junior at Joplin High School in Joplin, MO.

photo of Grace Harris
Grace Harris
Region IX

Grace Harris, age 17
Folsom, California
Region IX

Photo of Alissa Hsueh
Alissa Hsueh
Region IX

Alissa is a freshmen at UC Berkeley in Berkeley, CA.

Photo of Lathan Chatfield
Lathan Chatfield
Region X

Lathan is a senior at Eastside Preparatory School in Kirkland, WA.