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Mackenzie Hinson

North Carolina in Region IV
photo of Mackenzie Hinson

Mackenzie Hinson, age 13
Mount Olive, North Carolina
Region IV
Mackenzie is a sophomore in high school who owns and operates her own Make a Difference Food Pantry and its six outreach sites. Make a Difference Food Pantry serves over 6,800 people monthly in Wayne, Sampson, Duplin, and Johnston Counties in North Carolina. The pantry also educates people on disaster preparedness, healthy living, and volunteerism. Mackenzie is a member of Jordan’s Chapel 4-H, the Wayne County Skillathon team, the Mayor’s Youth Council, the Artistic Dance Academy, and the Hydrant Youth Group. She is a prosecutor for Wayne County Teen Court, a clerk for the NC Youth Legislative Assembly, a Special Olympics volunteer, and was appointed by Governor Cooper to be NC’s Spokeskid for Volunteerism.
During her time on the YPC, Mackenzie would like to develop a “Back to Basics: Neighbors Helping Neighbors, Students Helping Students” educational program. The program would educate people on how to efficiently and effectively help their neighbors during an emergency, since one’s neighbors are usually the first on the scene. Some skills that would be taught in the program are water safety, first aid, and assessing and responding to injuries. Students would learn how to respond and react to protect themselves and others during an active shooter incident and other disasters. On a larger scale, she would like to develop a “Safety in Numbers” social media campaign to help others learn how to be proactive in protecting themselves and others during an emergency, and how doing this together increases the chances of success.