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Maryam Choudhury

Connecticut in Region I
Maryam Choudhury
Maryam Choudhury, 15

Maryam is a rising junior at Windsor High School in Windsor, CT. Maryam has a strong passion for helping others and a drive for positive change. During her second term as Builder's Club president in her school, she co-organized the “Dollars for Ballers” free throw contest in support of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. She is also a member of the Windsor High School Action Club, which takes action on issues of social justice and discrimination within the community. In response to the widespread use of offensive language in her school, she co-led the “You Could've Said, but Instead You Said” campaign to educate her peers on using less offensive word choices. The Action Club made and distributed posters showing examples of inappropriate language that had been identified at their school. They have now moved to assembly of a ‘Kindness Rocks Garden’ and other school events.

During her time on the YPC, Maryam would like to create a disaster toolkit app that works offline. The app would be specialized to the user’s local area and would prompt users to prepare for disasters relevant to them. It would also have articles on preparedness subjects, such as "How to Build your Own Disaster Supply Kit" and "How to Stay Safe when Power Lines are Down". Other features include a calendar with reminders on when to practice emergency drills, and informative videos that provide an interactive, fun way of informing people of all ages how to stay safe in emergency situations.