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Ruben Banks

Mississippi in Region IV
Photo of Ruben Banks

Ruben is a senior at Jim Hill High in Jackson, MS. He is a Civil Air Patrol (CAP) cadet commander, squadron non-commissioned officer, communications officer, communications unit leader in training, medic, and assistant ground team leader. In the CAP Mississippi Wing, Ruben is a member of the Wing Honor Society. Since graduating from the National Emergency Services Academy he has used his position on the Cadet Advisory Council to taken the initiative and ensure that all personnel in his CAP squadron become emergency-certified, communication certied, and UDF certified. Ruben also serves as the Brigade Commander for his district's Army JROTC Battalion where he is working, along with others, on implementing a plan of emergency training for all cadets and instructors.

During his time on the YPC, Ruben would like to develop teams of area high school students certified in disaster relief, as well as a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). He plans to have these small teams work closely and train with local search and rescue, the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency, Civil Air Patrol, and the American Red Cross in aiding before, during, and after a disaster in their local community.