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Youth Preparedness Implementation Checklist

Have you secured parental permission slips for each of your youth program participants? Have you selected the curriculum that best meets the needs of your community and your targeted age group? After thorough review of the implementation guide, program managers can use this checklist to verify that they have properly completed each of the seven implementation steps.

Youth Preparedness Implementation Workbook

As the leader of a new or existing program, it is important to assess or revisit the accuracy of your implementation steps. This workbook can be used in conjunction with the Implementation Guide, or as a supplement to the Implementation Checklist, to help you brainstorm, determine next steps, and execute each of the seven implementation steps.

Youth Preparedness Funding Guide

A successful youth preparedness program requires adequate funding to secure tools, materials, staffing, and other needed resources. A portion of your funding may come from in-kind donations, while another portion may come from fundraising or various other efforts. Refer to this guide to learn more about securing funding for your program.

Youth Preparedness Guide to Risk Management

There are risks and liabilities to consider when putting together a youth preparedness program, just as there would be with any other program or activity. Your program should acknowledge and confront liability issues, and openly address the realities of the situation. This guide will help you identify the potential risks your program may face, as well as the risk mitigation techniques you may want to consider.

Youth Preparedness Quick Tips To Mitigate Risks

This one-pager offers a quick glance at some of the most basic strategies to manage the key risks that a youth preparedness program might face. Use this checklist as a stand-alone tool, or as a brief introduction to the more in-depth Youth Preparedness Guide to Risk Management [hyperlink to download].

Catalogue of Youth Disaster Preparedness Education Resources

There are many successful youth preparedness programs already in operation throughout the country. Each of these programs uses a curriculum that meets the specific needs of its youth members. Use this guide as you work to identify which curriculum best suits the needs of your youth preparedness program, taking into consideration factors like the focus of your program and the ages of the youth it will serve.

Bringing Youth Preparedness Education to the Forefront: Literature Review and Recommendations

By aggregating existing literature and research related to emergency preparedness education for youth, this guide provides evaluative insight into existing youth education interventions for emergency preparedness. These findings can then be used to develop recommendations on how to assess current programs and strengthen the offerings available to youth preparedness programs.

Teen CERT: A Guide to Launching and Maintaining the Training

This guide will walk you through the steps required to launch and maintain a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training program targeted to teenagers.

Youth Preparedness Factsheet

This one-pager provides a brief overview of the importance of youth preparedness, as well as some of the most widely used tools and tips on launching and sustaining a successful youth preparedness program. Program leaders can refer to these highlighted points as they begin to promote and seek partners for their programs.

Student Tools For Emergency Planning (STEP)

The STEP toolkit teaches 4th and 5th grade students what to do in emergency situations and empowers them to implement life-saving preparedness initiatives in their homes. Ready Kids Activity Booklet This activity book engages youth and helps facilitate family conversations about emergency preparedness.