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Resolve to be Ready

A collection of images promoting preparedness tips for the New Year. 

A first aid kit, toothbrushes and medications. Text reads: what's in your go bag? First aid kit, toothbrushes and medicine. Resolve to be Ready.
What's in your go bag?

What's in your go bag? Flashlight, batteries and matches. Resolve to be Ready
What's in Your Go Bag?

Water and snacks. Text reads: What's in your go bag? Water and food.
What's in Your Go Bag?

a doll, a football, cards and a toy truck. Text reads: What's in your go bag? Toys and games to pass the time.
What's in Your Go Bag?

A family laughing together on a couch. Text reads: It never hurts to be prepared. Be ready this year by practicing your emergency plan with your family.
Be Prepared

A woman writing out a budget. Text reads: Budget for a disaster. Gather critical financial information and keep cash on hand at home.
Budget for a Disaster

A scale with the dial on Ready. Text reads: Lose the excuses. Resolve to be Ready this New Year.
Lose the Excuses

A woman holding a plate of fresh baked cookies. Text reads: Meet your neighbors. Get to know your neighbors before an emergency strikes. Cookies help!
Meet Your Neighbors

A plow truck plowing snow in a storm. Text reads: Prepare for winter storms. Stay off roads if possible. Remain indoors and dress warmly.
Prepare for Winter Storms

a person checking a can's expiration date. Text reads: Restock your pantry. Have several days worth of non-perishable food per person.
Restock your Pantry

Last Updated: 12/22/2020