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Frequently Asked Questions

  • FEMA will consider applications from individuals who are about to be released from active duty military. If you are not separated or released from active duty before the effective date for filling the position, your application will not be considered. member of the uniformed service may accept civilian position if he/she has done active duty service and is on terminal leave pending separation or release from active duty under honorable conditions. In addition, current FEMA employees who are gone because of military duty may apply for any open job announced in while they're gone and will be considered as if they were there working their civilian jobs.

  • You must identify your status as veteran on your application and provide proof of your entitlement to veterans' preference by submitting appropriate documentation, such as copy of your DD-214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty (Member copy). If you are disabled veteran, you must submit an SF-15, Application for 10-Point Veteran Preference, and the appropriate documentation from the military service or current letter of disability from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

  • More About Reservists on FEMA Careers Additional Reservists' Program FAQs Reservist Application Process FAQs Reservist Program page tools and resources for Reservists Reservists Policy Directive

  • Reservist Cadre Functionalities: Acquisitions Equal Rights Mitigation  Administration External Affairs National Disaster Recovery Support Alternate Dispute Resolution Federal Coordinating Officer Operations  Disability Integration Financial Management Planning  Disaster Emergency Communications (DEC/MERS) Human Resources Public Affairs  Disaster Field Training Individual Assistance Public Assistance Federal Coordinating Officer  Disaster Survivor Assistance Information Technology Safety Attorney  Environmental/Historic Preservation Logistics Security

  • FEMA Headquarters manages the Reservist Program.  A Reservist Program Manager manages each cadre and is responsible for:Creating policies and procedures specific to their cadre that support the Agency and program plans and goals, Setting up and using strategies for finding, hiring, training, and developing cadre members? Making recommendations about potential deployments of cadre members to find the best use of available resources,Ensuring the maintenance of accurate records for individual cadre members, and Communicating policies and procedures, as well as listening to issues and concerns raised by cadre members and working to address those issues.

  • A national cadre structure chooses employees by the specific operational program or job they do in support of Agency-wide disaster operations. Within each cadre are specific FEMA Qualification System Incident Management or Incident Support job titles.

  • Reservists are: Highly motivated, self-starters who can work with little supervision, Computer literate, Able to prioritize tasks, Customer service focused, Good at working under physical and mental stress, and Able to work on an as-needed basis with flexible work schedule

  • You will be given laptop, blackberry, and an RSA token to allow access to the FEMA network. The equipment is given after you are hired and sign the Conditions of Employment form.

  • Reservists play very important role in meeting the needs of disaster survivors.  The work of Reservist can be exhausting, frustrating, challenging and rewarding. The hours can be long and the conditions are sometimes difficult.  However, it gives you the opportunity to: Gain professional knowledge and skills, Discover the role and responsibilities of Federal response and recovery related to Presidentially-declared disasters, and Get the satisfaction of knowing you have brought help, relief, and comfort to those individuals affected by disaster or an emergency

  • You must want to assist others in disaster or emergency.  Also, you must commit to being professional, keeping the public trust, and following all FEMA/DHS rules and regulations and Conditions of Employment. Reservists must: Be U.S. citizen,Pass background investigation, Be approved for government-issued travel card, Be able to leave home on short notice, Be able to be away from home for 30 days or more, and Be able to travel to any state or U.S. territory.

Last Updated: 05/05/2021