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2023 National Preparedness Month Congressional Co-Chairs

Find graphics featuring the NPM Congressional Co-Chairs and their quotes here.

U.S. Senate

Chairman Gary Peters (MI), Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee

“Rising water levels, wildfires, and extreme flooding continue to take lives, put communities at risk, and cause billions of dollars in damages. National Preparedness Month is an important way to raise awareness of how families and businesses can prepare for disasters, and how FEMA resources can help everyone be more resilient.”

U.S. House of Representatives

Chairman Sam Graves (MO), House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee

“Disaster can strike at any time and place, from our coastal communities to the plains of the Midwest to every corner of the United States. While we can’t predict every disaster, we can always have a plan and be prepared. September is National Preparedness Month, serving as a critical reminder that we must be ready year-round to protect our homes, communities, businesses, and loved ones from the devastation caused by disasters of all types. I encourage all Americans to take advantage of the disaster preparedness resources and guidance from FEMA and other state and local emergency officials.”

U.S. Rep. Bennie Thompson (MS), Ranking Member, House Committee on Homeland Security

“Climate change is increasing extreme weather events across the Nation. Recent examples include the Maui wildfires - the worst wildfires in over 100 years - and extreme heat that has impacted millions nationwide. Just this March, a tornado outbreak devastated communities across Mississippi, including in my district. To face this growing threat, it is imperative that the Federal government works with its partners to increase preparedness for disasters at all levels of government, which includes ensuring that those who are disproportionally impacted by disasters - including racial minorities, rural areas, low-income communities, tribes, individuals with disabilities, seniors, and children - are included in emergency preparation, response, and recovery. I am honored to serve as Co-Chair during the 2023 National Preparedness Month and look forward to working with FEMA and DHS to ensure there is more equity in emergency management."

U.S. Rep. Dina Titus (NV), Ranking Member, Subcommittee on Economic Development, Public Buildings and Emergency Management

“From tornadoes to intense heat waves, natural disasters are becoming more frequent, more severe, and more expensive due to climate change. Seniors and minority communities are especially vulnerable. Raising awareness of their needs and having an equitable approach are vital components of disaster mitigation and recovery,” said Rep. Titus. “National Preparedness Month provides an opportunity for people nationwide to plan, prepare, and protect their communities from future disasters. As Ranking Member of the House subcommittee that oversees FEMA, I’m proud to uplift its good work and promote its efforts to step in at such critical times to help rebuild lives shattered by disaster.”

U.S. Rep. Troy A. Carter Sr.  (LA), Ranking Member, Subcommittee on Emergency Management and Technology

“With natural disasters increasing in frequency and intensity, investments we make today in readiness and resilience will determine the outcome of our response tomorrow. In New Orleans, we have experience with extreme weather events and what I have learned from my time on the ground is that we must instill a culture of preparedness at all levels of government – while also ensuring that our response and recovery to disasters is equitable. I am proud to serve as a Co-Chair of the 2023 National Preparedness Month and look forward to working with FEMA to promote equitable disaster preparedness, response, and recovery.”

Last Updated: 08/28/2023

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