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Citizen Corps: 2012 FEMA Preparedness Calls

Webinar Archive

The FEMA Preparedness Webinars focus on the preparedness needs and interests of our state and local partners. Each FEMA Preparedness Webinar will be added to this monthly archive as soon as information on each call is available.

January FEMA Preparedness Webinar

Recorded January 10th at 3:00 pm EST

Join us for this FREE event as we kick off 2012 with the first in a series of FEMA Preparedness Calls geared toward addressing the preparedness and readiness needs and interests of our state and local partners.

Topics for this month’s discussion include:

  • The National Preparedness Month 2011 After Action Report                    
  • The Resolve to be Ready Campaign
  • A smart phone app developed by Ready Georgia
  • Overview of the whole community doctrine
  • Individual and Community Preparedness Achievements

NOTE: Before participating on the call, you must register for the event. If you previously registered, you can use your current login information to access the webinar. If you have any questions regarding the call, please contact

Useful Links from the Webinar:

February FEMA Preparedness Webinar

Recorded Tuesday, February 7 at 3 pm ET/Noon PT

March FEMA Preparedness Webinar

Recorded March 13, 2012

This month's webinar featured:

An Introduction from Joshua DuBois, Director of the White House Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships Office

Engaging discussion for Engaging Your Community Faith-Based Organizations in Emergency Management

  • David L. Maack of Racine County, Wisconsin Emergency Management will discuss how best to engage faith-based organizations in disaster planning and recovery.
  • Sherry Capers, of Miami-Dade County Emergency Management will discuss capacity building with faith-based organizations and meeting the needs of those serving diverse and hard-to-reach populations.

Individual and Community Preparedness Updates

Get Ready for National Preparedness Month 2012

The Ready Campaign will discuss plans for the next National Preparedness Month in September.

Other Good Links:

April FEMA Preparedness Webinar

Recorded Tuesday, April 3, 2012


The April webinar focused on engaging both traditional and non-traditional whole community partners in education and outreach efforts surrounding severe weather preparedness activities, tools, and resources.

May FEMA Preparedness Webinar

FEMA’s May Monthly Preparedness Update Webinar

Recorded Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hurricane Preparedness Week is May 27 – June 2.  This webinar discussed how you can engage your community in preparing for hurricanes and their effects.  Among our featured speakers were Cindy O'Neill Vitale of the Fairfield CERT Team. Last year, Fairfield CERT received a statewide Citizen Corps award for their response efforts after Hurricane Irene impacted their community. We also heard from the Great Hurricane Blowout, a national hurricane preparedness campaign designed to help families prepare in advance for hurricane season. In addition, there is a presentation by the Florida Division of Emergency Management, which provides an overview of some of Florida’s hurricane preparedness activities.  Citizen Corps and Ready also discussed FEMA’s plans for Hurricane Preparedness Week and how you can get involved.

June FEMA Preparedness Webinar

National Preparedness Month 2012

Recorded June 5, 2012


  • FEMA Individual and Community Preparedness Division
  • The Ready Campaign
  • Arizona Division of Emergency Management
  • New York City Office of Emergency Management and Citizen Corps

Webinar Overview

The theme for this year’s National Preparedness Month is Pledge to Prepare. Learn about the number of easy ways that you, your organization, or your business or place of work can fulfill the pledge and become better prepared for disasters this year:

  • Free Publicity:  Thousands of people visit this site. Having your events and training and education activities in one place makes it so much easier, not just for us and the public, but also leadership and the media, to learn about the great work that you’re doing.  Please post any upcoming events and learning opportunities on the site’s events calendar. Your events will be placed on a Google map and the public will be able to search for events by zip code.
  • Connect with Current and New Partners: The discussion boards are a great way to meet new partners and to exchange information with the stakeholders you already work with. Please introduce yourself so that the public and other participants know who you are! 
  • Event Ideas and Resources: Get access to new ideas on how you and your community can get involved and plan events in your community to raise awareness about emergency preparedness and help people learn to protect their homes and families from all hazards

Links from the Presentation:

Register for the National Preparedness Coalition Today!

Emergency Cookoff Blog

FEMA Interactive Web-based Course

Preparedness Activities for Communities Everywhere- The 16 FEMA modular activities are broken down into the following topical areas:

July FEMA Preparedness Webinar

How to Engage Your Community in Service Projects Year Round

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

Webinar Overview

On Tuesday, July 10, FEMA’s Individual and Community Preparedness Division and presented a FREE Webinar about the importance of community service and how you can host your own event to prepare your community for any disaster or emergency event.  During the presentation, our speakers discussed activities and events you can organize in your own community during National Preparedness Month 2012 and beyond and also talked about partners you can work with to make your event a success. 

You might also be interested in a previous webinar hosted by FEMA ICPD on Volunteering in times of Disaster

Other links and resources discussed during the webinar:

August FEMA Preparedness Webinar

Back to School Youth Preparedness Projects

Recorded August 15, 2012 

Download the August Monthly Preparedness Presentation (PDF)

Download Transcript (12-page PDF, 286 KB)

Webinar Overview

On August 15,FEMA’s Individual and Community Preparedness Division and presented a FREE Webinar about youth preparedness activities – just in time for back-to-school season! Our speakers discussed ideas for preparing schools, children and youth in your communities with a creative project or event during National Preparedness Month this September and beyond. We also discussed our new School Preparedness Toolkit.

Featured Speakers

Joseph McKenna, Research Specialist for the Texas School Safety Center, discussed building a go/emergency kit in a classroom and engaging students in the development and understanding of emergency plans.  He talked about activities that are fun, engaging and deliver the message of preparedness.

Lisa Janak, Public Information Officer for the Georgia Emergency Management Agency, discussed the back to school activities they have planned for National Preparedness Month, including an art, video and essay contest, as well as their Kids Preparedness Kit.

September FEMA Preparedness Webinar

Zombie Awareness: Effective Practices in Promoting Disaster Preparedness 

Recorded September 6, 2012

Download Transcript (16-page PDF; 294 KB)


Are you ready for a “Zombie Apocalypse?” Join FEMA’s Individual and Community Preparedness Division and on September 6 as they present a FREE Webinar about zombie preparedness. While the walking dead may not be first on your list of local hazards, zombie preparedness messages and activities have proven to be an effective way of engaging new audiences who may not be familiar with what to do before, during, or after a disaster, and to inject a little levity into preparedness while still informing and educating people.  As director of the Center for Disease Control, Dr. Ali Khan, notes, "If you are generally well equipped to deal with a zombie apocalypse you will be prepared for a hurricane, pandemic, earthquake, or terrorist attack."

Listen as speakers introduce fun and innovative emergency preparedness activities for communities to spark some attention and get people involved before it’s too late. These activities can be planned in September, during National Preparedness Month and executed just in time for Halloween.

Featured Speakers Include:

  • Center for Disease Control (CDC), which launched its Zombie Apocalypse Social Media Campaign last year, will discuss the campaign and the visibility and value it brings to preparedness efforts, as well as several community events they’ve helped with.
  • Kansas Department of Emergency Management will discuss their Zombie Awareness Month, which is held each October and ideas for activities and events that you can host in your communities this fall!

October FEMA Preparedness Webinar

Fire Prevention and Preparedness:  Activities to Engage Your Communities

Recorded October 17, 2012

Download Transcript (14-page PDF; 264 KB)


Much like preparing for any disaster or emergency event, Fire Prevention and Safety is a year-round activity.  As such, FEMA’s Individual and Community Preparedness Division and will present a FREE Webinaron Wednesday, October 17 about fire prevention events and activities you and your stakeholders can implement within your communities to engage the public. Fires are the most common hazard, and it’s smart to know your risks and appropriate protective actions, especially with the holiday season approaching.

Speakers from the United States Fire Administration and Hope World Wide will discuss their efforts to prepare communities for fires; sharing their resources, ideas and projects before taking questions from participants.

Featured Speakers Include:

November FEMA Preparedness Webinar

Engaging Families in Community Service and Preparedness

Recorded November 7, 2012

Download Transcript (14-page PDF; 238 KB)


Plan ahead and be prepared for National Family Volunteer Day on November 17th  by joining the FEMA Individual and Community Preparedness Division and for a FREE Webinaron Wednesday, November 7.  National Family Volunteer Day is held the Saturday before Thanksgiving and kicks off National Family Week. National Family Volunteer Day was created to mobilize family members within the community and is a great opportunity to get families involved in service, including projects and activities that help communities to prepare for disasters. Our guest speakers will discuss ways that you can capitalize on this event and engage families in your community, and encourage those who haven’t yet made a family service-day commitment to do something that will help prepare their community for disasters. Helping others provides opportunities for family members to be role models and brings them closer together, while also making a difference in their communities.

Featured Speakers Include:

December FEMA Preparedness Webinar

Make Disaster Preparedness Your New Year's Resolution

Recorded December 13, 2012

Download Transcript (20-page PDF; 334 KB)


As 2012 draws to a close, we are looking forward to the year ahead, committed to continue to promote ideas, events and programs that you can use to engage your communities and encourage individuals and households to be better prepared for disasters. Super Storm Sandy is a stark reminder of the importance of being prepared for all hazards.

On Thursday, December 13th, the Ready Campaign will unveil their Resolve to be Ready initiative for 2013. Those who make New Year's resolutions are 11 times more likely to report continued success in achieving a goal than individuals who have not made a resolution, according to the Journal of Clinical Psychology. The Ready Campaign would like to make an emergency preparedness resolution easy to keep by providing the tools and resources needed to take four important steps: be informed about the different types of emergencies that can happen in your area and the appropriate preparedness steps, make a family communications plan, build an emergency kit, and get involved in community preparedness. We hope you will join the Ready Campaign this holiday season in promoting Resolve to be Ready.

Our webinar will also feature the following guest speakers:

  • Howard Butt, the Citizen Corps and CERT Coordinator for the State of New Jersey, will discuss the impact of Sandy on communities in his State and the efforts of local Citizen Corps and CERT programs to help these communities respond to and recover from the incident, sharing valuable insights and lessons learned from the event.


  • Chad Stover, of FEMA's Individual and Community Preparedness Division, will share some of the stories and input we've collected from those affected by or responding to Super Storm Sandy.


  • Kevin M. McGuire and John Befus, Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner, of the Westchester County, New York Department of Social Services, will discuss resiliency and preparedness initiatives that they spearheaded during National Preparedness Month in 2011 and 2012, and their experiences during Sandy. 


Last Updated: 01/02/2014