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The Community Preparedness Webinar Series: Business Partners

Doing Business with FEMA and Additional Business Preparedness Resources

Recorded: April 24, 2012

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Is your business or organization looking to become more engaged with your community in advance of, during, and after emergencies?  According to the Insurance Information Institute “40% of businesses affected by a natural or man-made disaster never reopen.” How can you ensure that your business is prepared to address a disaster situation and rebound to become a successful partner in the community?  This webinar discusses how private sector organizations can engage in emergency management mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.

Hear subject matter experts discuss how your organization can do business with FEMA to become more engaged in emergency management and help the communities you serve be better prepared to respond to and recover from any disaster or emergency event. Hear as experts from FEMA highlight resources available through the FEMA Private Sector Office, Ready Business and Citizen Corps to ensure organizations and communities have the capabilities to withstand the initial economic impacts of natural or man-made disasters and recover in ways that sustain or improve the community’s well-being.

This FREE webinar focuses primarily on how organizations can work to increase organizations’ preparedness and address business related issues in times of disaster.  Listeners will learn how they can foster this engagement regarding community planning and build stronger relationships with emergency management. 


The following tools and resources are recommended for viewing in advance of the Webinar and will be discussed during the event:

  • State Public-Private Partnership Justification Presentation – FEMA Private Sector Office (33-page PDF)
  • Applying for federal disaster assistance
  • FEMA Private Sector Home
  • School and Campus Awareness and Preparedness
  • Small Business is Big
  • FEMA Industry Liaison
  • FEMA Preparedness Resources for Business
  • Training opportunities and additional Webinars
  • Information for Contractors and Vendors
  • Doing Business with FEMA Blog Posting
  • DHS Private Sector Resource Page
  • National Preparedness Coalition
  • PS-Prep Program
  • Ready Business
  • National Preparedness Coalition






Last Updated: 01/02/2014