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Community Preparedness Webinar Series: Hurricane Prep

Preparing Your Community for Hurricane Season

Please note that due to technical difficulties with the webinar system, this webinar was unable to be fully recorded.


FEMA’s Individual & Community Preparedness Division kicks off Hurricane Preparedness Week webinar entitledPreparing Your Community for Hurricane Season.  This webinar marks the 11th installment of FEMA’s Community Preparedness Webinar Series, and continues to provide up-to-date information on community preparedness topics and resources available to all citizens, community organizations, and Citizen Corps Councils

Presenter's biography

Mark Sloan of the County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management in Harris County, Texas, will present on community hurricane preparedness. Mr. Sloan sits on the Harris County Citizen Corps Council which serves as the coordinating agency in community preparedness and continues to engage the community is all aspects of emergency preparedness public education, outreach, citizen training and volunteerism. HCCC implemented a bilingual website that promotes preparedness in English and Spanish. HCCC also offers training in Teen CERT and CERT en espanol. Their CERT program has trained over 5,000 Spanish-speaking graduates. The council's success is evident through the county's preparedness, response and recovery efforts during Hurricane Ike, Katrina, and Rita, as well as tropical Storm Allison.  The Council earned a 2009 National Citizen Corps Achievement Award for innovative practices and achievements to make their community safer, stronger, and better prepared.

Laura Black, Coordinator for Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida Citizen Corps will present on the hurricane preparedness efforts of Jacksonville, Duval County Citizen Corps Council. Laura will highlight Jacksonville’s public education and training activities. The Jacksonville Citizen Corps Council has 663 MRC members, Neighborhood Watch and VIPS programs, numerous VOADs, and partners with local police, EMS, fire, emergency planners, businesses, universities, fraternities, and the general public.  The Council is also a 2009 National Citizen Corps Achievement Award winner. In addition, the Council has an active CERT program engaged in activities that include volunteering at the Annual Emergency Preparedness Conference for People with Disabilities, conducting CERT/Business Emergency Response Team courses, volunteering in the first airport passenger evacuation exercise, and conducting training drills with the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department Training Academy.

Last Updated: 01/02/2014