Community Preparedness Webinar Series: Quake Prep 2010

Earthquake Preparedness: Lessons Learned from Haiti and California

Recorded: Thursday, February 18, 2010

Presenters: Steve Willey and Mark Benthien

The Community Preparedness Webinar series focuses on bringing together government and community leaders to involve citizens in all-hazards preparedness and resilience. The recent 7.0 earthquake that shook Haiti less than 800 miles from Miami, FL, has raised awareness that such an event could occur in America. Presenting on the topics of education, preparedness, training, and community involvement will be Mark Benthien, Director for Communication, Education and Outreach (CEO) for the Southern California Earthquake Center and Executive Director of the Earthquake Country Alliance, and Steve Willey, a member of the Fairfax County Urban Search and Rescue Team (Virginia Task Force 1) and a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) instructor for Fairfax County, VA.


USA-1/ Virgina Task Force 1 US&R Response to the 2010 Haiti Earthquake(PDF)

The Great California Shake Out: Engaging Individuals and Organizations in a Common Vision for Resilience(PDF)


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