The Community Preparedness Webinar Series: School Resources

Available Resources to Prepare Schools

Recorded on Tuesday, September 13, 2011.

View Webinar Transcript (15-page PDF, 112.63 Kb)

To log into this webinar no advanced registration or RSVP. Members of the public seeking to log in can simply follow these instructions:

  1. At 1:50 PM EST on September 13th, please click the following link
  2. Please select the “Enter as a Guest” radio button and enter your first and last name into the field provided.
  3. Allow our administrators a moment to welcome you into the webinar room. This process should take no more than 1-2 minutes.

This webinar will answer many of your questions about getting schools prepared for a disaster of any kind. If you are a school administrator, principal, teacher or concerned parent, you won't want to miss this integral discussion.  Some of the questions to be discussed include:

  • How was Joplin successful in preparing for and recovering from a disaster? How can other schools learn from their experience?
  • Where can schools find additional funding and resources in today's budget climate? How does the DHS grant process work?
  • What free preparedness trainings are available for schools and school administrators, both online and in person?
  • What preparedness resources are available to schools at little or no cost?

Additional information about this webinar

This webinar is free to the public. The webinar recording lasts approximately 40 minutes. The live webinar offered Closed Captioning and a transcript of the webinar has been posted with the recorded version of the webinar.

How to view our webinars

The Community Preparedness Webinar Series is conducted via DHS's HSIN Connect system. You do not need to register in advance, nor do you need a HSIN account in order to view our webinars. Audio for this webinar will be broadcast within HSIN Connect; there will not be a concurrent, phone-based teleconference. Questions and answers will be moderated via text-based chat inside the webinar. In order to ensure that your computer is capable of viewing our webinars and webcasts, we highly recommend that you read the below documents and perform the compatibility test prior to the start of the event. In addition, please ensure your computer's speakers are working prior to the webinar. If for any reason you have trouble accessing the system, please send an email to

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