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Financial Preparedness Social Media Toolkit

How to Use this Toolkit

The Financial Preparedness Social Media Toolkit contains key marketing and financial preparedness messaging to share on your social media channels. We encourage you to copy the content directly or customize the messages to reach your audience.

Hashtag & Emojis

  • #FinancialFuture2018
  • Feel free to add emojis to your social messages.

Graphics, Videos, & Related links

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FEMA PrepTalk

  • Watch the @FEMA PrepTalk from @OperationHope’s John Hope Bryant on financial literacy: #FinancialFuture2018

  • Watch @FEMA’s PrepTalkfor a presentation from @OperationHope’s John Hope Bryant on financial literacy:  #FinancialFuture2018

  • Learn about financial literacy from John Hope Bryant of @OperationHope on @FEMA’s PrepTalk #FinancialFuture2018

  • John Hope Bryant of @OperationHope provides a @FEMA PrepTalk on financial literacy and liquid asset poverty: #FinancialFuture2018

  • For Financial Capability Month, watch @FEMA’s PrepTalk with John Hope Bryant of @OperationHope #FinancialFuture2018

  • April is Financial Capability Month. Watch @FEMA’s PrepTalk for a presentation from @OperationHope’s John Hope Bryant on financial literacy:

  • Are you financially prepared for an emergency? Find out during @FEMA’s PrepTalk with John Hope Bryant of @OperationHope #FinancialFuture2018


  • Find steps you can take to unlock your financial future:  #FinancialFuture2018

  • A plan for your money can prepare you for when life happens. Create one now:  #FinancialFuture2018

  • Keep your finances in check so you can reach your goals. Get tools like a budget worksheet and more here:  #FinancialFuture2018

  • Everyone is capable of planning for his or her financial future; you can start by creating your budget:  #FinancialFuture2018

  • Financial peace can be a reality if you set goals and take small steps towards them:    #FinancialFuture2018

  • Creating a budget is easy to do and gives you the power over where your money goes. Create one with this worksheet:  #FinancialFuture2018

  • Managing your money gives you power over your money, create a spending plan and take control of your dollars and cents:  #FinancialFuture2018

  • Start spending smart, create a plan to know where every dollar goes:  #FinancialFuture2018

  • Track your expenses, so you know where your money goes:  #FinancialFuture2018

  • Small spending adds up. Find those money leaks and put them to good use with this personal budgeting worksheet:  #FinancialFuture2018

  • Get smart about your finances when you are young, so you can meet your goals later:  #FinancialFuture2018

  • It’s never too early to start learning how to handle your finances. Teach your children about money with these lessons:  #FinancialFuture2018

  • Teach your kids about the value of earning, saving, and spending money with the World of Cents game:    #FinancialFuture2018

  • Take a virtual road trip and play the Hit the Road game to see if you can manage your money to complete the trip:  #FinancialFuture2018

  • Learn about scams targeting older adults and veterans now, protect yourself from fraud:  #FinancialFuture2018

  • Don’t sacrifice your health to stay on budget. Find healthy low-cost recipes and learn how to save more at the store:  #FinancialFuture2018

  • Ensure you can retire one day. Check out these planning tools:  #FinancialFuture2018

  • Are you ready to retire? Make sure you can enjoy retirement with these planning tools:  #FinancialFuture2018

  • #DidYouKnow military families can receive no cost financial planning from Military One-Source? Take advantage of their resources:  #FinancialFuture2018


  • Are you ready to save for your future? Get saving tips to help unlock your financial future:  #FinancialFuture2018

  • The time to save for your financial future is now! Get started today:  #FinancialFuture2018

  • Money is the #1 source of stress for adults. Manage your stress by saving early and often. Learn how:  #FinancialFuture2018

  • Save for a rainy day, you never know when it may pour. Here’s how:  #FinancialFuture2018

  • Emergencies will happen, but your savings can be your fall back plan. Start saving today:  #FinancialFuture2018

  • Good money habits in childhood can help unlock a bright financial future. Parents talk to your children about saving early.  #FinancialFuture2018

  • Saving can be easy when you make it a habit; start by putting a small amount aside from your income regularly:  #FinancialFuture2018

  • Habits that pay off - Saving small amounts now can get big results later. Learn more at:  #FinancialFuture2018

  • 48% of people have set aside an emergency rainy day fund. Make saving a priority by paying yourself first:   #FinancialFuture2018

  • Create a budget that includes putting money into your savings account every month.  #FinancialFuture2018

  • Pay yourself first! Before you spend that paycheck, put a little bit of it in your savings account.    #FinancialFuture2018

  • About half of households age 55 or older have no retirement savings. Start saving now to avoid falling in this trap:  #FinancialFuture2018

  • Retirement will be here before you know it. Begin saving now to make retirement a smoother transition  #FinancialFuture2018

  • Establish both long-term and short-term goals for your money. You will be more inclined to save if you know what you are saving for:  #FinancialFuture2018

  • Teach your students about money during Financial Capability Month with these resources for teachers:  #FinancialFuture2018

  • Why put off tomorrow the debt you can pay down today? The earlier you begin to pay off your debt the sooner it will be gone:  #FinancialFuture2018

  • Children with small amounts saved for college are more likely to enroll and graduate. Save early for your children’s future  #FinancialFuture2018

  • Saving $$ is not only a good financial practice, but puts you in a position to help loved ones and your community after a disaster. Learn to save: #FinancialFuture2018

  • Teach your kids this simple life saving skill, save some money now to be one-step ahead when an emergency hits. Learn how: #FinancialFuture2018

Protect (Insurance)

  • It’s not just for emergencies. Use our financial first-aid kit to take inventory of your financial life:  #FinancialFuture2018

  • Are you financially ready for an emergency? Find out with the Emergency Financial First Aid Kit:  #FinancialFuture2018  

  • Is your family financially ready? Find out with the Emergency Financial First Aid Kit:  #FinancialFuture2018

  • Can your finances weather an emergency? The Emergency Financial First Aid Kit from @OperationHope and @FEMA can help you prepare now:  #FinancialFuture2018

  • Having insurance and access to important records are a few Emergency Financial First Aid tips learn more at:  #FinancialFuture2018 

  • Make sure you can weather a disaster with the Emergency Financial First Aid Kit from @OperationHOPE and @FEMA:  #FinancialFuture2018

  • Get financially ready! The Emergency Financial First Aid Kit can help:  #FinancialFuture2018

  • Homeowner’s insurance does not cover #flood damage. Ensure your property is insured now during Financial Capability Month:  #FinancialFuture2018

  • Do you know your #flood risk? Consider getting flood insurance to protect your home or business:  #FinancialFuture2018

  • Learn how to safeguard your important documents. You may need them in an emergency:  #FinancialFuture2018

  • #DYK creating an inventory of your property helps your insurance claims and tax deductions? It’s something free and easy to do:  #FinancialFuture2018

  • Now is the time to document, insure, collect and protect your valuables:  #FinancialFuture2018

  • What important documents should you safeguard?:  #FinancialFuture2018

  • Make sure you have enough insurance coverage now:  #FinancialFuture2018

  • It doesn’t cost a thing to document your property but it may help you recover financially after a disaster. Learn more:  #FinancialFuture2018

General Financial Preparedness

  • Get steps now to unlock your financial future.  #FinancialFuture2018
  • What are your financial goals? Get resources to help you set goals and unlock your financial future:  #FinancialFuture2018
  • Life can be unpredictable. It pays to have an emergency fund for when life happens. Learn why:  #FinancialFuture2018
  • 44% of adults say they could not cover an emergency expense costing $400. Get tips and resources to help your financial future:  #FinancialFuture2018
  • Get your $finances$ ready with the Emergency Financial First Aid Kit:  #FinancialFuture2018
  • Get back on your feet faster after disaster with the Emergency Financial First Aid Kit: #FinancialFuture2018
  • See if you’re $financially$ ready for an emergency with the Financial First Aid Kit from @OperationHOPE: #FinancialFuture2018
  • Set aside a small amount from each paycheck to go into your savings account:  FinancialFuture2018

  • Spend within your means. Use this personal budgeting worksheet:  #FinancialFuture2018

  • Making a budget or a payment plan can help you manage your credit    #FinancialFuture2018

  • If you want to build up your savings, try putting a small amount in your account the first of every month:  #FinancialFuture2018

  • Do you need flood insurance? Make sure your property is protected:  #FinancialFuture2018

  • Is your home in an area with a high flood risk? Find out now and consider getting flood insurance:  #FinancialFuture2018

  • Save. Save. Save. Your emergency savings can help you get life saving items like food, shelter, and water in an emergency. Saving Tips: #FinancialFuture2018

  • 48% of people have an emergency fund, which gives them the savings to overcome simple emergencies and possibly ones that may save their life. Start saving: #FinancialFuture2018