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Student Tools for Emergency Planning (STEP)

Student Tools for Emergency Planning (STEP) is a classroom-based emergency preparedness curriculum for 4th- and 5th-graders in an easy, ready-to-teach format. Students will learn about disasters, emergencies, and hazards, and how to create a disaster supply kit and family emergency communication plan.

Downloadable Resources

Download resources to use the STEP curriculum in your classroom.

STEP Instructor Guide
STEP Student Activity Book

Disaster Dodgers

Meet the Disaster Dodgers! This series of five videos introduces emergency management and preparedness to students and highlights severe weather, fire safety, and earthquakes. In the introduction below, the Disaster Dodgers explain the difference between a disaster, emergency, and hazard. Watch the introduction, then find the series here.

Interested in Ordering Free Copies?

Free printed copies are available through the FEMA Publications Warehouse. To order free publications:

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Call: 1-800-480-2520
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Publication Numbers:

P-1029DVD Student Tools for Emergency Planning (STEP) Program Disaster Dodgers Video Series

P-1039 Student Tools for Emergency Planning (STEP) Program Curriculum

P-1071 Student Tools for Emergency Planning (STEP) Program Student Activity Book


Last Updated: 10/26/2020