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Being prepared for disasters starts at home. Everyone can be part of helping to prepare for emergencies. Young children and teens alike can be a part of the process. As a parent, guardian, or other family member, you have an important role to play when it comes to protecting the children in your life and helping them be prepared in case disaster strikes.

On this page, you’ll find materials to build your family emergency plan, information for how you can help children cope if they’ve experienced a disaster, and tips to help your children be ready when disaster strikes. With these tools, both kids and their families can be prepared whether they’re at home, school, or anywhere else.

a family preparing for a disaster

Prepare Your Family

Build a Kit. Learn evacuation plans. Decide who to call and where to meet when a disaster happens. Start your family emergency plan today.

mother hugging daughter

Helping Children Cope

Your support can help children cope if a disaster strikes.

More Resources for Families

Find what you’re looking for—even if you’re not sure yet.

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Play games to practice preparing for a disaster. Explore

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Youth Opportunities

Opportunities for youth to develop skills and be leaders. Explore

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Español (Spanish)

Recursos disponibles en español (Resources available in Spanish). Explore

More for Families

family building a kit

Build a Kit

Use these checklists to learn what you need. Learn more.

two brothers and a sister smile for the camera

Games for Kids

Find fun games to play with your family. Play now.

savings tracker

Financial Preparedness

Be Financially prepared for disasters. Learn more.

Last Updated: 12/14/2023

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