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Risk Assessment

A risk assessment is a process used to identify potential hazards and analyze what could happen if a disaster or hazard occurs. There are numerous hazards to consider, and each hazard could have many possible scenarios happening within or because of it.

Use the Risk Assessment Tool to complete your risk assessment. This tool will allow you to determine which hazards and risks are most likely to cause significant injuries and harm.

As you conduct the risk assessment, look for vulnerabilities or weaknesses that could make your business more susceptible to damage from a hazard. Vulnerabilities include deficiencies in building construction, process systems, security, protection systems and loss prevention programs. They contribute to the severity of damage when an incident occurs. For example, a building without a fire sprinkler system could burn to the ground while a building with a properly designed, installed and maintained fire sprinkler system would suffer limited fire damage.

The impacts from hazards can be reduced by investing in mitigation. If there is a potential for significant impacts, then creating a mitigation strategy should be a high priority.

Risk Assessment Resources


Human-Caused Hazards

Technological Hazards

Last Updated: 06/20/2024

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