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Start a Program

Anyone can start a youth preparedness program, or join an existing one. The Youth Preparedness Catalog is a great place to start if you are looking to implement a youth preparedness program or activity.

Building a youth preparedness program takes a lot of work. However, many resources are available to help you with the process. The resources below will walk you through seven steps to implementing a youth preparedness program, while checklists and workbooks will help you out along the way. Many of these resources are available in both Spanish and English.

A group of young school children sit on a classroom floor

Why Youth Preparedness?

Children make up about 25 percent of the U.S. population of the United States and are the future of our communities. While they face unique vulnerabilities, they can also play an important role during emergencies. However, many programs do not consider children in their planning. It is important that children know what to do in an emergency and that all disaster planning, preparedness, response, and recovery efforts include children’s unique needs and abilities.

Getting Started

Youth preparedness is important to the resilience of any community. As the leader of a youth preparedness program, you are supporting the preparedness effort within your community. The resources below will help ensure that you are on the right track as you launch your program.

Youth Preparedness Catalog: Disaster Preparedness Education Programs and Resources

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Implementing a Community-Based Program

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Youth Preparedness Program Implementation Checklist

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Youth Preparedness Program Implementation Workbook

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To create a successful program, you will need the proper resources. This funding guide outlines a four-step approach to securing funding, including identifying the resources you need, engaging potential funders, and keeping records of donations.

Funding Guide for Youth Preparedness Programs

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Risk Management

There are risks and liabilities to consider when putting together a youth preparedness program—just as there would be with any other program or activity. These documents present an approach for developing a risk management plan.

Guide to Risk Management for Youth Preparedness Programs

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Last Updated: 12/14/2022

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