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Community Preparedness Webinar Series: Financial Preparation

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Financial Preparation for Disasters and Emergencies

Recorded on Tuesday, April 9, 2013

*Please note there were technical difficulties during the beginning of this webinar which resulted in the first 2-3 minutes not being captured in the recording.  However, the transcript, which you may refer to below, has a full account of the proceedings.  Please refer to this document for an account of the first 2-3 minutes.*

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Did you know that April is Financial Capability Month.  In partnership with the U.S. Treasury Department’s Financial Literacy and Education Commission (FLEC), U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau and Operation Hope, FEMA will host a free webinar on Tuesday, April 9 at 3:00 PM EDT, entitled “Starting Early: Financial Preparation for Disasters and Emergencies.”

Financial experts will provide information and strategies on how to incorporate current and upcoming financial preparedness tools into local disaster preparedness education efforts and how to get the community involved to start preparing for emergencies early. Participants will learn more about financial tools and guidance that protects consumer rights as disaster survivors.  Financial experts will provide updates on new tools and resources and previews of financial preparedness tools under development.

According to the 2011 Citizen Corps “Personal Preparedness in America” survey, when asked specifically, less than 35 percent of Americans reported having copies of their vital records stored as part of their preparedness kit.  The Insurance Information Institute reports that, “…40 [percent] of businesses affected by a natural or man-made disaster never reopen.”

Take action today to learn how financial preparedness will help you recover faster after a disaster.

Last Updated: 11/22/2013

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