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Localized Ready Programs

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Ready Campaign offers your state and town useful tools

The Ready campaign, in partnership with The Advertising Council, has produced public service advertising (PSA) materials. The materials include television, radio, print, Web banners and out-of-home ads. To view all of the Ready Campaign's PSAs visit the Ad Council web site at AdCouncil.org. To order copies of the Ready PSAs for placement in donated media, please visit PSA Central http://psacentral.adcouncil.org/psacentral/signon.do.

The ads are designed to educate and empower Americans to prepare for and respond to all kinds of emergencies. They are easy to localize which means state and local governments can “tag” the Ready PSAs that run in their area with their organization’s logo and use the ads to direct residents to their own local emergency preparedness Web sites. The Ad Council can assist in localizing the PSAs and securing local donated media commitments. For more information on how to localize the Ready Campaign in your community, contact the Ready Campaign.

Please see below for details on agencies that have localized thus far.


The Office of Emergency Management and Communication's Alert Chicago program localized the Ready Campaign in February 2007 and again in September 2009, including television, radio and outdoor PSAs. The ads fulfill to a local Chicago Web site http://www.alertchicago.com.


READYColorado is a public awareness campaign supported by public and private partners who want to help all Coloradans protect life during disasters and emergencies.


The Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA) localized the Ready Campaign in January 2008, including three television spots (Meeting Place, Cell Phone, and Tomato Paste) and two radio spots in varying lengths (Meeting Place and Food). The ads fulfill to a local Georgia Web site, http://www.ready.ga.gov. The Metro Atlanta UASI Region's citizen preparedness project also localized the television PSA in September 2009. GEMA held a Severe Weather Awareness Ceremony and Ready Georgia launch event hosted by Governor Sonny Perdue in January 2008


Hawaiians are no strangers to disaster. Eighty-nine percent of residents say they have experienced a large-scale disaster, but only 25 percent say they are very prepared. Get Ready Hawaii launched in May 2012 to encourage Hawai'i residents to fully prepare for large-scale emergencies and disasters, before they happen. The campaign includes a website, www.GetReadyHawaii.org, public service announcements that include a TV spot, several radio spots, print advertising, environmental advertising, point-of-purchase displays at retail locations and a significant online/social media presence.


As part of the Houston UASI Region's Citizen Preparedness project, the City of Houston localized the Ready Campaign in May 2008 including five television spots (Meeting Place, Cell Phone, Tomato Paste, Tia Contigencia and Corner of the Ring), Live Announcer Copy for radio, four print ads (Map, Food Pantry, Battery and Flashlight), one outdoor execution (Map) and four web banners (Map, Food, Plan, Flashlight). In September 2009, the City localized additional television and radio PSAs. The ads fulfill to a local Houston Region Web site, http://www.readyhoustontx.gov.

Kansas City

The Metropolitan Emergency Managers Committee of Greater Kansas City localized the Ready Campaign in August 2007 and again in September 2009 including English and Spanish television PSAs. The ads fulfill to a local regional Web site, http://www.preparemetrokc.org and http://www.preparemetrokc.org/espanol.

Los Angeles

The City of Los Angeles Emergency Management Department participated in localizing the Ready Campaign in 2009. Ads that were created included English and Spanish TV spots, radio spots of varying lengths and outdoor advertisements. The ads directed viewers to www.ReadyLA.org.


Louisiana Office of Emergency Management kicked off the state’s “Get A Game Plan” hurricane preparedness campaign in 2009. The program provides Louisianans with the information and tools they need to prepare for a possible disasters.

New Orleans

A day before the 2012 hurricane season began, New Orleans officials launched ready.nola.gov, a website designed to be a one-stop shop for disaster preparation. The page includes registration portals for the city-assisted evacuation plan and City Hall's emergency notification system, which uses text or email messages or phone calls to deliver alerts directly to residents.

New York City

The New York City Office of Emergency Management localized the Ready Campaign in June 2007. The campaign included five television spots, one radio spot, two print ads, a web banner, and one outdoor spot that was displayed on a wallscape in Manhattan’s Gramercy neighborhood. In 2009, the NYC OEM partnered with the American Red Cross in Greater New York to create a fully integrated campaign entitled Ready New York City (Listo New York City is the Spanish counterpart). The campaign featured its own creative material as well as a new website,www.readynyc.org, that controlled all messaging.

North Carolina

The Ready North Carolina campaign provides North Carolinians with the information you need to prepare for all types of emergencies.


ReadyOhio provides links to the Ready campaign’s Get a Kit, Make a Plan, Be Informed and Listo.gov. It also provides easy access to fact sheets on incidents that are common in Ohio. It asks Ohioans if they are ready for home fire prevention, floods, thunder and lightning, power outages, tornadoes, winter storms and evacuation. Each page provides definitions and/or descriptions of each hazard and provides a link to more complete disaster supplies kit checklist, provided by the American Red Cross.

Orange County

ReadyOC is a public service campaign aimed at educating and empowering Orange County California residents, businesses and the community to better prepare for emergency situations. The goal of ReadyOC is to get local residents better prepared for a variety of emergency situations that could impact the county and also to offer opportunities for concerned citizens to get involved in local readiness efforts.


The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania localized the Ready Campaign in September 2008, including three television spots (Meeting Place, Tomato Paste and Tia Contigencia). The ads drive viewers to a local Pennsylvania Web site: www.readypa.org.


The City of Philadelphia wants you to be prepared for any emergency. The Ready Philadelphia Public Outreach Program reminds you the time to start planning for an emergency is not in the middle of one. In an emergency you're either ready or you're not. Be ready. Make a plan. Get what you need and stay informed.

San Diego County

The San Diego County Office of Emergency Services localized the Ready Campaign in April 2007 including three televisions spots and one outdoor spot (Meeting Place, Cell Phone, Tomato Paste and Map). The ads fulfill to a local Web site http://www.readysandiego.org.

San Francisco

The City of San Francisco localized the Ready Campaign PSAs in December 2006 and again in September 2009, including television and radio PSA spots. The ads fulfill to a local San Francisco Web site: http://www.72hours.org.

South Dakota

The bReadySD program was launched in 2007 to encourage South Dakotans to prepare for emergencies in their homes, businesses and towns and cities.

South Florida

South Florida localized the Ready campaign in September 2010. English and Spanish television and radio public service announcements which direct viewers to readysouthflorida.org are currently being aired throughout the region. Additionally, the campaign is utilizing Facebook and Twitter to provide followers with preparedness tips and disaster facts.


In 2009, the Utah Department of Public Safety localized the new Ready creative material including English and Spanish TV Spots. The ads drive viewers to a local Utah Web site: www.bereadyutah.gov.

Ventura County

In partnership with FEMA and the Ad Council, Ventura County California localized the Ready campaign in 2011 to assist residents in preparing, responding and recovering from a local emergency or disaster within our community. The Ready Ventura County message remains consistent with the national campaign: Get a Kit. Make a Plan. Be Informed. Get Involved: http://www.readyventuracounty.org


The Virginia Department of Emergency Management localized the Ready campaign in June 2007 and again in September 2009, including television and radio PSAs in varying lengths. The English and Spanish ads fulfill to the respective local Web sites: http://www.readyvirginia.gov and http://www.listovirginia.gov.

West Virginia

ReadyWV is a communications campaign and an online tool that helps West Virginians know what to do before, during and after an emergency. ReadyWV strives to provide families, neighborhoods and local communities in West Virginia with easy access to basic information on how to prepare for emergencies.


The ReadyWisconsin campaign, launched in September 2008, is a joint initiative of Wisconsin Emergency Management and the Wisconsin Citizen Corps. The project localizes the citizen preparedness message with information, materials and resources customized to Wisconsin’s state, regional and local emergency preparedness landscape.

York County

The York County Office of Emergency Management in Pennsylvania localized the Ready Campaign in April 2007 including three television spots (Meeting Place, Cell Phone and Tomato Paste). The ads fulfill to a local York County Web site: http://www.ready-york.org

Last Updated: 05/03/2013

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