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Severe Weather Safety Social Media Toolkit

How to Use this Toolkit

The Severe Weather Safety Social Media Toolkit has severe weather safety and preparedness messages you can share on your social media channels. You can either copy these messages directly or customize them to reach your audience.

What you should know about Severe Weather

  • Know what to do before, during, and after severe weather.
  • Create a communications plan with your family before severe weather hits.
  • Have emergency supplies in place at home, at work, and in the car.
  • Listen to local officials.
  • Check your insurance policies to ensure you have enough coverage.
  • Evacuate if advised by local authorities.

Graphics & Outreach Materials

For more engaging content, attach graphics to social media posts.  Below are collections of severe weather related graphics that you can share with the below text.

Social Media Content

Know Your Risk

  • Know #SevereWxPrep terms. Watches=severe weather is possible.
  • Know #SevereWxPrep terms. Warnings=severe conditions have begun or will begin soon.
  • Timely info on weather conditions can make a big difference. Learn about alerts & warnings: https://www.ready.gov/alerts #SevereWxPrep
  • Get alerts and warnings for impending weather events with a @NOAA Weather Radio. Learn more: nws.noaa.gov/nwr/ #SevereWxPrep
  • Find out about local alerts and warnings by contacting your local emergency management or visiting their website. #SevereWxPrep
  • Learn what alerts are available in your area, by doing an Internet search w/ your town, city or county name & the word alerts. #SevereWxPrep

Take Action

  • Get a jump start on what to do before a #Tornado #Wildfire or #Flood by following @Readygov #SevereWxPrep
  • Severe weather can strike any time of the year. Are you prepared? Follow @Readygov for updates. #SevereWxPrep
  • During severe weather Wireless #EmergencyAlerts can save your life. Watch how: http://youtu.be/wDpcGypv2_U #SevereWxPrep
  • Wireless Emergency Alerts are automatic texts sent to you in an emergency; no sign-up required: https://www.ready.gov/alerts #SevereWxPrep
  • Sign-up for @Twitter Alerts from @FEMA for critical information in real-time: https://twitter.com/fema/alerts #SevereWxPrep
  • Talk with your kids about #SevereWxPrep. Know the facts: https://www.ready.gov/kids
  • Make a plan to connect during severe weather by text, e-mail, social media & cell. #SevereWxPrep
  • #SevereWxPrep tips: Only travel if necessary, keep phones charged, check on neighbors, & bring pets indoors.
  • Pack an emergency kit for each person and pet traveling in your car in case evacuations are ordered: ready.gov/car #SevereWxPrep
  • Drills aren’t just for your toolbox. Practice emergency drills with your family regularly. #SevereWxPrep
  • Help your friends get ready for severe weather www.ready.gov/severe-weather #SevereWxPrep
  • Make sure your business has a #SevereWxPrep plan. Tips: www.ready.gov/business 


  • Learn what to do before, during & after a flood by visiting: ready.gov/floods #SevereWxPrep
  • Learn your flood risk by entering your address in the Flood Smart widget: https://msc.fema.gov/portal/search  #SevereWxPrep
  • If you approach a flooded road, path, or walkway follow this rule: Turn Around, Don't Drown®! #SevereWxPrep
  • "When roads are flooded, Turn Around, Don't Drown®! It may save your life!” #SevereWxPrep
  • Promote "Turn Around, Don't Drown®!" in your community to save lives before a #flood #SevereWxPrep
  • If you’re already on “high ground” during a flood, stay where you are. Be prepared by having your supplies already stored. #SevereWxPrep
  • Gather & store supplies for all your common locations in case you need to stay in place during a flood. #SevereWxPrep
  • Get your “go bag” ready today in case you need to leave quickly due to a flood. For supply info visit: https://www.ready.gov/kit  #SevereWxPrep
  • Snap some pictures of your property & do an inventory. This will be handy if flood waters damage your property. #SevereWxPrep
  • Before a flood: reduce potential property damage by elevating utilities & installing sewer backflow valves. #SevereWxPrep
  • In areas with repetitive flooding, consider elevating the building. #SevereWxPrep
  • Learn your evacuation routes today in case you’re directed to leave by local authorities due to a flood. #SevereWxPrep
  • Learn what to do before, during & after a flood in this How to Prepare for a Flood guide: https://www.ready.gov/floods #SevereWxPrep
  • Whether it’s flash, river or coastal flooding, every community is subject to floods. Get prepared: https://www.ready.gov/floods #SevereWxPrep
  • 30: The number of days it takes for flood insurance to begin. Don’t wait until it’s too late! https://www.floodsmart.gov/   #SevereWxPrep


  • You may not always receive an official tornado alert so know the warning signs. Find them here: https://www.ready.gov/tornadoes #SevereWxPrep
  • Funnel cloud, loud roar, & change in sky color are a few tornado warning signs. Learn others: https://www.ready.gov/tornadoes #SevereWxPrep
  • Lightning and hail are common in tornado weather! Learn what else to expect. https://www.ready.gov/tornadoes #SevereWxPrep
  • Best protective location in a tornado is a FEMA safe room or storm shelter built to International Code Council 500 Standards. #SevereWxPrep
  • Safe rooms & storm shelters can save lives. Consider installing a safe room built to FEMA standards. https://www.ready.gov/tornadoes #SevereWxPrep
  • No safe room or storm shelter? Get to a sturdy building w/a small, interior, windowless room, lowest level, basement best. #SevereWxPrep
  • #Tornado Tip: A protective location in a sturdy building. is a small internal room w/out windows on lowest level or below ground. #SevereWxPrep
  • Practice moving quickly to a protective location in the places where you spend a lot of time. #SevereWxPrep
  • Tornadoes cause high winds which can knock out power. Be prepared by gathering supplies for each household member. #SevereWxPrep
  • Tornado survivors say having a plan on where to take cover saved their life. Where will you take cover? https://www.ready.gov/tornadoes #SevereWxPrep
  • Know where you would go to protect yourself in a #tornado at every place you spend a lot of time. #SevereWxPrep
  • Know where to go if a Tornado Watch escalates to a Tornado Warning. Safe rooms and storm shelters save lives. #SevereWxPrep
  • Don't get it twisted! Tornadoes can occur with almost no warning! Get prepared now: https://www.ready.gov/tornadoes #SevereWxPrep
  • Live in a tornado-prone area? Practice going to your protective location often. https://www.ready.gov/tornadoes #SevereWxPrep #PrepareAthon
  • Take time now to safeguard critical documents and take pictures or videos of your belongings. https://www.ready.gov/financial-preparedness #SevereWxPrep


  • Learn about your wildfire risk from your local fire or forestry department. #SevereWxPrep
  • Clear area near your home of leaves, dead vegetation & other combustible materials to reduce sources of fuel. #SevereWxPrep #WildfirePrep
  • Prepare for a #wildfire by maintaining your lawn and removing combustible debris from around your home. #SevereWxPrep
  • THREE: The number of zones of defensible space @NFPA suggests creating around your home or business. #WildfirePrep #SevereWxPrep
  • Be prepared to evacuate in the event of a #wildfire by knowing your family’s evacuation plan. #SevereWxPrep
  • Before a #wildfire place critical documents in a fire safe. More tips here: https://www.ready.gov/financial-preparedness #SevereWxPrep
  • Even if #wildfire doesn’t reach your home, you may lose power, water, & be unable to leave for several days. Plan Today! #SevereWxPrep
  • Use fire resistant materials for building construction, renovation, & landscaping to help protect property from a wildfire. #SevereWxPrep
  • Most wildfires are set by humans and can happen any time. Always be prepared. #SevereWxPrep
  • If you see a wildfire, call 911. You may be the first person to have spotted it! #SevereWxPrep
  • Make plans today for how to stay in touch with loved ones if a #wildfire occurs. https://www.ready.gov/plan #SevereWxPrep

Last Updated: 05/26/2021

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